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Voice control for rescuers: The Diract Voice avalanche transceiver by Ortovox is extremely easy and intuitive to use – thereby it saves crucial time in case of emergency. Just 2.3 centimeters slim and 210 grams light, Diract Voice is the world's first avalanche transceiver with voice navigation. It guides the user to the destination with clear instructions and is designed to significantly speed up the search and rescue of buried victims.

Ortovox DIRACT VOICE avalanche transceiver

Ortovox Diract Voice: Avalanche Transceiver with Innovative Voice Navigation

In an emergency, it can be a matter of seconds: When rescuing avalanche victims, speed is of the essence. The rescuers themselves are often stressed or even in shock – the search in rough terrain is a huge challenge. Until now, rescuers had to rely on the visual signals on the small displays of their avalanche beacons. With Diract Voice by Ortovox comes the first avalanche transceiver that guides you to the victims with clear and distinct spoken instructions – a quantum leap that should dramatically speed up the search.

Available from: October 2021
Estimated retail price: 330,- Euro

Ortovox DIRACT VOICE small and light

The Voice Commands of the Diract Voice Give Clear Instructions for the Search

Automated processes are crucial in the recovery of avalanche victims. That's the idea behind the Diract Voice: stress reduction and effective rescue support. An intuitive, streamlined design and voice support provide quick help at every stage of the search.

Experience Ortovox Diract Voice in 360° View

Click on the image and use the mouse and cursor to rotate and zoom the product in different directions.

Statement of Dieter Kotlaba, Head of Hardware at Ortovox

"Our experience shows that only intuitive solutions work in avalanche situations. We are convinced that we have the best product for this with the world's first avalanche transceiver with voice navigation."

Jury Statement

"The new Ortovox Diract Voice is a game changer for the avalanche transceiver market, as it is the first device with voice support. This makes searching for avalanche victims easier and ideally faster for searchers. The voice function seemed to the jury to be a long overdue feature that Ortovox has finally implemented in a sleek, compact and reasonably priced new device. Worth mentioning is also the rechargeable low-temperature battery as well as the constant self-test of the device to avoid malfunctions. An innovative device with high user value for the currently fast-growing touring scene."

Wolfgang Greiner, Editor Roadtrip Magazine

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Product Features

  • stable indicator from first reception on
  • clear display on the extra large screen
  • very good readability under all conditions
  • effective voice control
  • patented Smart Antenna technology
Icon Product Specifications

Product Specifications


  • intuitive use
  • loudspeaker on the front
  • USB port for battery charging
  • software updates via Bluetooth
  • clean design and surface feel
  • 360-degree real-time display
  • only one control button
  • extra safe on/off mode


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