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Mammut Climbax Sport Tracker Climbing and Bouldering

Mammut Climbax: Sports Tracker for Climbers

Everything in view: The Climbax trackers by Mammut enable active sports climbers to perform well-founded training analyses. In conjunction with an app, two wristbands record height gain and other relevant movement data - such as differences between the right and left arm - which can then be compared with the training partner or the community. Whether training analysis or comparison with friends: The Mammut Climbax climbing tracker makes performance on the wall digitally visible. In the Outdoor Equipment segment in the Climbing Equipment category, this is a Gold Winner.

Available from: Summer 2021
Expected retail price: N/A

Jury Statement

"Climbax is a smart device, it has been designed to track climbers' performance whilst climbing indoors. It will track elevation gain and climbing moves, for both hands. The mobile app also records all relevant data such as time spent actively climbing, which is very useful for every climber. Climbax comes with two stretchy, breathable wristbands."

Laurence Guyon, La Fabrique Verticale | Athlete / Journalist

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Product Features

  • Data are based on machine learning and allow deep insights
  • Accelerometers for motion analysis
  • NFC technology for interaction with route databases
  • patented closure system
  • high breathability: open areas prevent sweating

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