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I’m Out - The Philosophy of the House of Schöffel

Schöffel is one of the most traditional outdoor companies in history. The brand from Schwabmünchen is a family business and was founded in 1804. High-quality, sustainable products and materials are the focus. The slogan "I am out" is at the heart of the brand. It s about sporty movement in and enjoyment of nature and the little escape from everyday life - without performance pressure and competitive character. 


Outdoor Fans Increasingly Buy from Stationary Sports Retailers

Quickly buying new outdoor clothing in the sports store around the corner - that was difficult during the past months. The Corona restrictions therefore gave online retailers rising sales. But there are signs of a trend reversal.

Buy Local, Protect the Environment

This makes shopping even more fun! With the campaign "Buy local, protect the environment" every Schöffel customer kills two birds with one stone: You support the stationary trade and at the same time become godfather of a newly planted tree.


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