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Ride, Protext & Share - The philosophy of Picture Organic Clothing

Picture Organic Clothing, these are outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, activists and many many more who bring about change through their passions. From day one, the focus has also been on minimizing their own impact on the environment and nature. So Picture Organic Clothing shares its experience, expertise and practices with the outdoor community.

Founder Julien Durant on the history of the action outdoor brand

It all started in 2008 in the annex of a car repair shop: At the age of 26, Frenchman Julien Durant founded the brand Picture Organic Clothing together with his friends Jérémy Rochette and Vincent Andre. Their goal: to produce sustainable functional clothing with casual designs for snowboarders and skiers.

"We only use ships for transportation"

How exactly does Picture Organic Clothing approach the issue of sustainability? CEO Julien Durant talks about his brand's many approaches - and his role models in the industry.