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Voices of Sports: Honorary partners represent diversity, humanity and the power of sport

The sports industry is characterized by many interest groups - companies and service providers as well as non-profit organizations, professional athletes, and recreational sportspeople. One goal of ISPO as the world's largest network for sports is to represent them in their diversity, to give them and their messages a voice. This will also be the case at ISPO Munich Online, from February 1 to 5, 2021: With Deutsche Sporthilfe, the European Championships Munich 2022, and Right To Play, top-class honorary partners have been won to represent sports commitment as "Voices of Sports" beyond product innovations.

Right To Play: Protect, educate and empower children to rise above adversity using the power of sport and play
Right To Play: Protect, educate and empower children to rise above adversity using the power of sport and play
  • ISPO Munich Online 2021 presents sport in all its diversity
  • Deutsche Sporthilfe, European Championships Munich 2022 and Right To Play are honorary partners
  • Program addresses the power of sport to meet modern challenges of society

The three partners are exemplary for numerous international initiatives that overcome social, cultural, and mental boundaries through sport. "Sport is stronger," the guiding principle of ISPO Munich Online 2021, is equally the basis of their daily commitment. "Our claim is to represent sport with all its facets. Our 'Voices of Sports' embody like no other the high diversity, humanity and power of sport when it comes to overcoming challenges," says Dr. Jeanette Friedrich, Global ISPO Group Director at Messe München. "And of course, they bring inspiring stories and perspectives for all attendees."

In addition to presenting their concepts and range of actions, the three honorary partners will provide insights into their everyday work. They also highlight the challenges their protégés and projects face and how they deal with them.

For example, the organizers of the European Championships Munich 2022 talk about how they are making their event as sustainable as possible and how they are raising the event in general to a new level. In addition, there are exclusive insights into the everyday lives of participating athletes: Alma Bestvater (climbing), Gudrun Stock (track cycling), Felix Remuta (gymnastics) and Lara Lessmann (BMX) talk about their careers and show their training routines in the Public Streams. In keeping with the headline "Friday for Good," the team from Right To Play will have a Keynote on the last day of ISPO Munich Online, with valuable impulses and insights from their charitable work with children and young people. Also, on Friday, Deutsche Sporthilfe will share its experiences in a roundtable discussion on social responsibility.

The detailed program, including all the partners' contributions, will be available online shortly.


About the "Voices of Sports":

Deutsche Sporthilfe

Since 1967, Deutsche Sporthilfe has been supporting upcoming and top athletes on their way to great success and is the most important private sports funding initiative in Germany. It does this with responsible and creative support concepts that are continuously adapted to the athletes' circumstances. The foundation provides support both financially and in career planning and personal development. Supported athletes are involved in 90% of German successes in international competitions. This includes 261 gold medals at the Olympic Games and almost 350 gold medals at the Paralympics.

The European Championships Munich 2022

With the European Championships Munich 2022, Munich is hosting the biggest event since the 1972 Olympic Games. With nine European Championships under one roof, not only sporting highlights can be expected in the Olympic Park's anniversary year. From August 11 to 21, more than 4,400 athletes will compete in nine sports: beach volleyball, canoe racing, climbing, athletics, cycling, rowing, table tennis, gymnastics, and triathlon. With the Olympic Park as the centerpiece, primarily existing sites and infrastructures will be used, with which the European Championships 2022 will set an example in terms of sustainability. In addition to top sporting performances, all participants can look forward to a varied supporting program that will round off Munich 2022 culturally and make it a holistic, unforgettable experience.

Right To Play

Right To Play is a global organization that protects, educates and empowers children to rise above the effects of poverty, war and disease. They work with children in some of the most difficult and dangerous places on earth, helping them to stay in school and graduate, to resist exploitation and overcome prejudice, to prevent diseases like HIV and malaria and to heal from the harsh realities of war and abuse. Pioneers in a unique play-based approach to learning, Right To Play uses play in all its forms - sport, games, music, art and theatre -  to teach children the skills they need to create better futures for themselves, their families and their communities. Right To Play reaches 2.35 million children each year in 15 countries around the world.

Daniel Keppler
Daniel Keppler
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