Future Lab


The Heart of ISPO Munich

1. The essence of the relevant future topics of the sports industry.
2. A curated knowledge space for innovation and transformation
3. Meeting place for new, inspiring and value-creating connections
4. The socializing & networking base camp in the 1000 sqm catering and hang-out area.

The topics of the Future Lab
Sustainability Hub
Retail & Digitize Hub
ISPO Brandnew Area
ISPO Award Exhibition
Main Stage
Catering & Socializing Area

A Curated Experience Space

ISPO Munich's new concept hall brings together proprietary business solutions and curated programs such as ISPO Brandnew, ISPO Award, ISPO Academy and the ISPO Collaborators Club and places them in a forward-looking relationship with each other. Here, space is created to ask questions and to break new ground and overcome hurdles together with the exhibiting solution providers. In co-created workshop sessions, panel discussions and inspiring keynotes on industry-relevant topics, the world's largest sporting goods show can grow beyond its role as a business match-making platform. In addition, a visually attractive, experiential ambience provides contrast to the other exhibition halls.

Through a mix of quiet zones and designed meeting spaces, the focus is on the dialog that can arise naturally in the hubs' centers. In its overall design, the Future Lab reflects the core of the ISPO Group: open, diverse and inclusive.

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The Centers of the Thematic Areas

In the Future Lab, everything revolves around storytelling. The hall offers exhibitors and visitors a platform for brand marketing and the chance to present projects and new strategies - in the environment of the relevant solution providers and thus potential new partners. In the Sustainability Hub as well as in the Retail & Digitize Hub, the marketplace offers an appropriate "stage" for this. ISPO Brandnew, ISPO Award, Sustainability and Retail- & Digitize Hub also offer a lounge usable and bookable for 25-30 people for deep-dive dialogs, workshops and break-out sessions. "Every good party ends in the kitchen" - and that's why one thing can't be missing at a marketplace and social hub: The catering. In the ISPO Brandnew, ISPO Award, Sustainability and Retail- & Digitize Hub themed areas, you will find a food bar as well as the lounge.

The Forum

If every topic area has a center around which solution providers form, then the Forum is the absolute hub of the Future Lab. The Main Stage is a purely curated area where the topics that move the sports industry are highlighted with an emotional approach.

It's all about stories beyond the day-to-day and topics range from sustainability, to inclusion, to textile trends, to digitalization in fashion, to mindful living - all with the power of sports and the sports community.

The Forum is also home to athletes* and high-profile personalities, the ISPO Brandnew Gathering, and of course the ISPO Party. The ISPO Cup is also presented here - an award for personalities from the world of sports who make an outstanding contribution to society.

Design - the Overall Concept of the Hall

The difference to the other halls, which focuses on product placement and the display of new highlights, is also evident in the overall design concept. In addition to the content, the choice of building material is particularly special. Peri Duo is originally used in dry construction as a concrete formwork system. ISPO Munich uses it as a sustainable design element to create simple, geometric structures with a long-distance effect. The signal effect is complemented by the interplay of technical and media design.

A highlight in the Sustainability Hub

With a poster in the Sustainability Hub in the Future Lab and guided and digital Greenvoice tours, Silkeborg shows visitors why the outdoor capital of Denmark can be a model for more well-being, harmony with nature and mindful coexistence.

But we're already giving you some first insights into this project!

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