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"Great service.”
Lisa Schögl - Bemis - USA

“ISPO Textrends brought more clients to visit our booth after seeing our products at the forum.”
Erin Lee - Erictex Fashion Co., Lt - Taiwan

“Top Ten and Best Product Award are definitely helpful to attract more customers.”
Grace Chen - Far Eastern New Century - Taiwan

“Our participation was very successful for our business.”
Helena Garcia - Gulbena Têxteis SA (Bergand by Gulbena) - Portugal

“This edition, the fair being bigger, we had a lot of interesting and interested people visiting our booth. As always ISPO Textrends is a great showcase for our company and our products and we are happy with the results of this 2019 edition.”
Stefania Carniello - Imbotex srl - Italy

“We find ISPO Textrends a very valuable part of our marketing activity.  This is a great way to relate our brand to the textile trends and the Outdoor industry.”
Catherine Anderson Jones - INVISTA - CORDURA(R) Fabric - UK

“ISPO Textrends increases the opportunity to meet the new customer, and visibility of our company.”
Darren Lin - Tex Tile Enterprise Co., Ltd - Taiwan

“Decoration is great and traffic is good.”
Patrick Wong - TH Zipper Limited - Hong Kong

“A joyful way to be in contact with the latest innovative textiles around the world.”
Ana Eusébio - Tintex Textiles - Portugal


“ISPO Textrends is the best place for designers and sourcing individuals to stay current in this every changing apparel industry. Where textile innovations are available at your figure tips, and it is the place to interact with the state of the art garment enhancing technologies.“
Mike Parson  - Safe Reflections - USA

“ISPO Textrends 2018 offered once more a comprehensive overview of the most innovative materials together with a highly professional trends insight. A value for all players in the industry.“
Guido Rimini - Freudenberg Performance Materials SE & Co. KG - Germany

“ISPO Textrends 2018 gives us the opportunity to attract new customers come to our booth. “
Bob Wong  - Tianhai Lace Co,. LTD - Taiwan


“Everything was well organized, we received the visit of a lot of new contacts and some of them already contacted us so we hope that the results will be good for our new business.”
Stefania Carniello - Imbotex S.r.l - Italy

“ISPO Textrends 2017 was a very nice event which offers many business opportunities to us.”
Mosa Wong - Sintex - Taiwan

“ISPO Textrends is an excellent platform for us.”
Yvette Hou - Ta Shin Long - Taiwan

“ISPO Textrends is an extraordinary source of inspiration for all players in the sportswear industry and represents a stimulus to develop and offer new products and new ideas. The highly qualified and diversified composition of the international jury are a guarantee for the quality of the innovations selected to be showcased at ISPO Textrends 2017. The design of the whole area, open, modern and cosy made the visitors feeling at home.”
Guido Rimini - Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel SE & Co. KG - Germany


“Some customers said that they visited our booth after their visit to ISPO TEXTRENDS forum. We are not exactly sure how many customers passed by thanks to ISPO TEXTRENDS, but it is certain that our participation to ISPO TEXTRENDS helped us to increase visitors venue and created new business opportunities. Therefore we would like to participate at ISPO TEXTRENDS in 2017 again.”
Yasuyuki Hamada SEIREN Co., Ltd - Japan

“I saw the market trend influenced by ISPO TEXTRENDS, with the adding of a street line. Otherwise I saw a lot of wool ion ISPO TEXTRENDS. And there is more and more brand search for wool concept. That is really a big trend. Thank you for giving us a platform to create a closer link with customers. We will attend ISPO TEXTRENDS every year.”
Penny Liu - Chia Her - Taiwan

“Everything was well organised and we've got a lot of new contacts that we hope could become new business opportunities.”
Stefania Carniello - Imbotex Srl - Italy

“17 ( scale 1 to 20). The trends work is really well done; the process is fluid; the marketing kit appropriate; the approach to ISPO TEXTRENDS Forum could associate the technical vision to a more conceptual, inspirational approach.”
Mário Jorge Silva - Tintex Textil SA - Portugal

“ISPO TEXTRENDS became a good opportunity to expand our link with potential and new customers as long as we submit a good items. It also is a good opportunity and motivation for us to improve or develop new & interesting items that would attract people's attention.”
Satoshi Kubo - Amaterrace Inc. - Japan


“I’ve seen many interesting fabrics - this from my point of view as potential buyer of outdoor garments. What concerns my opinion from the point of view the yarn producer, the most valuable I see was the presentation of the name of our company and the brand name of our product on front of the very huge forum of yarn and textile specialists on two big exhibitions covering 2/3? of the textile world. Appart of this, we also can show on our communication mean (emails, visit cards, etc.) the sign of ISPO TEXTRENDS Selected product, which I mean can give the positive message about our company and product for some our business partners and future business they don’t use to visit ISPO.”
Alena Balogava, Chemosvit Fibrochem

“It is the best way to show our products to unknown but potential client. Thanks for building up a great platform to connect supplier with brands.”
Penny Liu, Chia Her Industrial

“It is always a pleasure to participate to ISPO, better if on the Top 10! We had a good feedback from the fair.”
Stefania Carniello, Imbotex

“ISPO TEXTRENDS is a very efficient platform to reach out to clients, the benefit was immediate with clients visiting our booth.”
Trammy Woo, J2 Textile

“ISPO TEXTRENDS increased our company exposure.”
Roy Huang, Jang Bin R&D

“If the fair can be more well balanced with sourcing section, that would be even greater. All the visitors and participants seemed more focused on retail/ brand section.”


“ISPO TEXTRENDS forum represented an excellent platform for ISPO visitors to become inspired by Nilt fibers. This positive encounter with our yarns, intrigued them to visit our booth in Hall A1 in order to deepen their knowledge of Nilit’s capabilities in the sports arena.”

Amy Holzer, Nilit

“It was very effective to attract new costumers. We would like to participate again next year.”
Yasuyuki Hamada, Seiren


"The participation at ISPO Textrends created additional exposure for our company at ISPO MUNICH 2014. We had numerous instances of potential, new customers arriving at our stand with notes from the ISPO Textrends areas. This allowed us to start discussions with brands we might otherwise not have seen.”
Jose Fernandez, Global Merino (USA)

"Since the success at ISPO Textrends, we'd like to share some numbers of or booth visitors at ISPO MUNICH 2014: 80% brand, 15% designer, 4% manufacturer, 1% trading company. Brands who visited us: Nike, Adidas, Vaude, Head, Gucci, etc. We are willing to attend the next ISPO Textrends Forum again."
Grace Liu, XH Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

“Also lots of visitors are stopped by our booth after seeing us at ISPO Textrends we, BRISTEX, will apply for next ISPO Textrends2015 surely."
Nhamuk Kim, Bristex (Korea)

“The trends are organized and clear, easy to read in English and Chinese versions. We follow these trends to develop and promote our fabrics. This is useful and efficacious information. Especially, it is on the right season than other trend book. That is perfect.”
Penny Liu, Chia Her Industrial (Taiwan)

“We are most happy to be one of the selected materials at this year’s ISPO Textrends.  This has helped a lot for the promotion of our product during the show. Kindly remind us again for the ISPO Textrends 2015 as early as possible when you will start receiving the application form so that we may discuss internally what products to show during ISPO Textrends 2015.”
Johnny Sea, Sheico (Taiwan)

"Participating in the ISPO Textrends Forum provided a global showplace to reach out to designers and product developers with the latest CORDURA® brand innovations in performance fabric technology. With the CORDURA® brand focus of developing ‘Durable Fabrics for Durable People™,” we want to recognize the significant role that our authorized mills play in developing new dimensions in durable fabric technologies. This collaboration is critical to bringing trend-setting durable fabrics to the market to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers."
Cindy McNaull, Global CORDURA® Brand and Marketing Director (USA)