CAMELUXE and LUXEPAD - Ultrafine Insulating Technology - Imbotex LAB Srl

Awardees Spring Summer 2023 | Fibers & Insulations

Best Product
Best Product: CAMELUXE and LUXEPAD - Ultrafine Insulating Technology
CAMELUXE and LUXEPAD - Ultrafine Insulating Technology - Imbotex LAB Srl

Product Details

Ecologically responsible family of lightweight, breathable thermal insulations, giving new purpose to discarded precious materials made of camelhair or cashmere. Scraps of fabrics from the production of coats are upcycled to create insulations, using a patented process: firstly, recovered materials are gathered in Northern Italy; secondly, they are transformed through a mechanic process into fine fibers; lastly, the fibers are blended with recycled polyester to create paddings. The process is less impactful in terms of energy consumption, waste production, CO2 emission and uses no water. CAMELUXE and LUXEPAD can come with an eco-friendly chlorine-free finish and can be washed.


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