X-BIONIC SphereWind G2 Run Jacket

Gold Winner | HEALTH&FITNESS Hybrid Outer Layer

X-BIONIC - SphereWind G2 Run Jacket

The new SphereWind G2 adds ThermoSyphon technology to the award-winning jacket. The ergonomics of the jacket were improved with Preset Running Sleeves, Formed Sleeve Cuffs and the elimination of underarm seams. A scarab folding system allows the jacket to be worn comfortably around the waist. Weather-protected air outlets allow for climate control when the jacket is worn.

Available from: April 2019

Retail price: 239.00 EUR


Jury Statement

"This is another successful piece of X-BIONIC’s thought-out combination of technology, function, comfort and iconic design."

Mei Xu, Design Consultant China

ThermoSyphon inside.

The materials used in this jacket were selected for their one-one transmission of moisture and wind (outside to inside) and of course for their unique qualities of the ThermoSyphon technology, which adds additional climate control along the back.

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