True Motion U-TECH NEVOS

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True Motion - U-TECH NEVOS

A revolutionary running shoe with an innovative midsole system that centers the energy application point to minimize dangerous stress on the foot, ankle, and knee. The innovation tackles the cause for this stress instead of merely fixing symptoms. It strives to decrease injuries and increase performance combining groundbreaking science and a great running experience like no other shoe in the market.

Available from: March 2019

Retail Price: 150.00 EUR

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Jury Statement

"An enrichment for the market. True Motion presents an independent, new biomechanical approach that convinces. The consistent implementation of the idea into the product."

Urs Weber, Runner's World

Tackling causes.

The ground reaction forces in the frontal plane are immediately centered by U-Tech. Thereby, it decreases the lever arms and hence, dangerous stress on the foot, ankle, and knee. U-Tech centers and guides the force application point throughout the whole stance phase.

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True Motion Running GmbH

Hermann-Sudermann-Straße 3

48155 Münster


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