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The Future of Sourcing

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Simplify your sourcing processes

To enhance and simplify sourcing processes of the sports industry, ISPO has entered a close partnership with FOURSOURCE, the innovative platform for digital apparel sourcing. As the biggest B2B market network for the apparel industry, FOURSOURCE matches manufacturers and buyers and creates closeness through digitization. With FOURSOURCE, ISPO found a partner that guides its members through this digital transformation.

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Benefits of the FOURSOURCE membership

  • You are garment sourcing professional?

    FOURSOURCE simplifies your everyday work

    • Find a new garment supplier
    • Get quotes to produce your products
    • Explore virtual showrooms
    • Keep track of factories you know
    • Monitor the certificates of your suppliers
  • You are a garment manufacturer?

    FOURSOURCE takes your marketing and sales process to next level

    • Be found by the right buyers
    • Have a professional company website
    • Find and contact potential customers
    • Spot and react to business opportunities
    • Optimize your online presence and be visible
  • You are looking for a global database in the apparel industry?

    FOURSOURCE provides you with…

    • More than 30.000 companies listed in our database
    • Members coming from more than 100 countries
    • Producing in 22 product groups
    • Making up buyer retail volume of 50 Bn USD

How it works



FOURSURCE is the worlds biggest B2B market network for the apparel industry. Representing thousands of brands manufacturers out of more than 100 countries. Click here to see selected reference members and feedback of our partners.

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Take your business to the next level with ISPO and FOURSOURCE. Sign up to the world's largest B2B market network for the apparel industry either as a brand or private label buyer or as a garment manufacturer or sub contractor. Choose your type below and complete your sign up in just a few minutes. Now you’re ready to explore the future of sourcing.