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As a member of ISPO Collaborators Club, you develop and test new, innovative products with some of the most exciting sporting goods brands on the market.




Show your expertise:

Register for free in our testing and development community and answer some basic questions about yourself.



Find projects that excite you:

Apply for projects that you want to join by completing the project questionnaire – or receive project invitations based on your personal profile.


It just takes a bit of luck:

Every brand is looking for a specific skill set for their testing and development community, but attention to detail is honored in every project application. Keep going: Even if you haven’t been selected for your dream project, the next exciting project is just around the corner.

Your Benefits
  • Testing

    You will exclusively test new and innovative products before they hit the retail shelf.

  • Contact

    Get directly in touch with sports brands from around the world.

  • Expertise

    With your expertise, you shape the sporting goods of the future.

Every sport has its rules!
Our rules of the game.

As real sportsmen that we all are, we pay attention to a respectful and open minded contact within the community. Insults, abusive language and hostile contact will definitely not be tolerated.

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One step after the other - and no final before the semis haven't been decided.

The projects of ISPO Collaborators Club may be cut into several different phases, each with its specific lead question. Please stick to the particular topic and provide your input when it is best fitting the theme. This way we all contribute to a nice and clean platform.

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We are team players - and everybody makes his contribution

Before submitting your idea, please check if a similar idea has been posted already. Your in-put to such similar ideas is highly appreciated in form of comments. That way your ideas will be developed further in a true team spirit and the final results will be even better.

Comments that reference to already existing ideas should be directly linked to this idea or enrich it with additional aspects.

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Criticism is good - as long as it is constructive

Everybody is invited to voice is opinion and to challenge existing ideas. Please make sure to do so in a positive way that helps improve the existing idea. Together we want to create the best project outcome!

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We respect the uniqueness of our ideas

At ISPO Collaborators Club we are working as a team to shape the world of sports to our demands. Get inspired by the ideas of others, but never copy those. Take those ideas that you like, twist and tweak them, and create some unique ideas to inspire the community.

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Fairness in the age of digital rights

We really love to see your contributions enriched with photos, sketches and visuals. Please make sure to upload only data that is not infringing on the copyrights of others and / or third parties. You are on the safe side if you upload pictures, visuals and sketches that you created yourself or that just shows you individually without any other persons.

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