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Best Product: HAPTIC Art
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Product Details

HAPTIC Art is a painting ink for durable 3D effects. Highest performance levels in regards to bonding, flexing, washing, humidity resistance and abrasion resistance can be achieved on textile products. HAPTIC Art ink fulfils all requirement for high level athletic footwear. It is based on a fully waterborne PUD chemistry well proven in industrial screenprinted products branded as HAPTIC. Now, the innovative new HAPTIC Art ink makes it possible for artists and creative do-it-yourself painters to paint performance 3D artwork on shoes and other textile materials. The easy to use ink application by brush, nozzle or other tools allows maximum freedom of design. For interested brands a cooperation with a painter community was established allowing semi-mass production of hand painted textile products. For the first time it is possible for everybody to paint high performance coatings on textiles. The technology is branded as HAPTIC Art.

Huangshi Industrial Zone
351144 Putian

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