Palgero Merino/SeaCell Zip long sleeve

Gold Winner // Base Layer

Palgero Merino/SeaCell Zip long sleeve

Palgero Merino/SeaCell Zip long sleeve

The base layer is one of the most important textile layers in sport - it has direct body contact and can, therefore, ensure an optimal climate and controlled sweat removal. The long sleeve from Palgero, which consists of a fiber blend, offers outstanding functionality in this context. Firstly, Seacell is used. For this special cellulose fiber, brown algae from Icelandic fjords are harvested, dried, crushed, ground and then bound to cellulose fibers. In addition, the proven wool of merino sheep is processed. Palegro uses two renewable materials that feel exceptionally soft on the skin. To top it off, the stretch allows for a very good fit, while the anti-allergic properties of the base layer are very appealing.


Available from: September 2019

Retail Price: 119.95 EUR

Jury Statement

"The Palgero SeaCell long sleeve baselayer flatters the skin with an exceptionally soft feel. The material has anti-allergic properties and is mainly made of renewable materials (algae and wool). For the first time this advantageous combination of skin-friendly materials has been used in a sports baselayer".

Alexandra Schweikart, Mountaineer & Product Test Manager, Outdoor Content Hub

Palgero Merino/SeaCell Zip long sleeve

Product Specifications

Cut range: Specific Female and Male


Size range: Women XS-XXL // Men S-XXL 


Colors: Navy melange, red, dark grey

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Rosenburg 5

32602 Vlotho


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