Norrøna bitihorn driflex1 Anorak

Gold Winner // Trailrunning Apparel

Norrøna bitihorn driflex1 Anorak

Norrøna bitihorn driflex1 Anorak

The workload during trail running is high - for the runner and his clothing. For this reason, he must be able to fully rely on his material. Norrøna's Bitihorn Driflex1 Anorak is made of ultra-light fabrics that are flexible, durable, breathable and sustainable. The outer fabric is made of particularly fine fibres, recycled PES material and laminated with a polyester membrane which guarantees high breathability. The jacket's recyclability is also particularly noteworthy.


Available from: February 2020

Retail price: 289.00 EUR

Jury Statement

"For me the Norrøna Bitihorn Driflex1 anorak is the toughest, lightest and stretchiest jacket I know. It is perfect for trail running and speedhiking"

Matthias Kimmerle, HS Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Professor of Textile Product Technology

Norrøna bitihorn driflex1 Anorak

Product Specifications

Cut range: Specific Female and Male


Size range: Men: S-XL | Women: XS-L


Colors: Men: Bright blue | Women: Light yellow

Brand information

Norrøna Sport AS
Vollsveien 13H
1366 Lysaker


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