Textile Trends Fall/Winter 2022/23

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ISPO is your gateway for future trends. In cooperation with trend expert Louisa Smith ISPO studied various global trends with influence on the textile industry and its products. ISPO is very pleased to have the opportunity to share these visions for Fall/Winter 2022/23 with the textile industry.


With Provenance, natural fibers, continue to up the ante on a functional level, however, they don’t dominate the performance sector, and nor do synthetics. There has to be an equilibrium here, you can’t have one without the other.

Textile Trend Fall/Winter 2022/23 - PROVENANCE
ISPO Textrends


Worn, blurred, distressed, pitted, brushed piled, blistered, the surface aspect in this trend creates a relaxed attitude to look at, but is in fact deceptive through the yarn use and finishing and the construction aspect in knits and wovens.

Textile Trend Fall/Winter 2022/23 - NONCHALANT
ISPO Textrends


Back to basics, there is always a demand for stability and familiarity in high-performance fabrics and trims. This is, almost to the point of being a little a bit nerdy in delivery, as classics are reworked into a new generation of lightweight functionality.

Textile Trend Fall/Winter 2022/23 - RATIONAL
ISPO Textrends


An explosive vision of innovations packs a punch on surfaces. There is a fighting spirit, not just discreet survival, but thriving in a creative way. Fabrics and trims are livened up, including outer layers and second layers in creating a dazzling and expressive look.

Textile Trend Fall/Winter 2022/23 - VISAGE
ISPO Textrends


Above and beyond, the technical developments in this sector take on a futuristic, yet realistic, approach to what is possible. Consider self-healing fabrics, featherweight high tenacity fabrics, and protective ingredients including silicone foam that set on impacts creating a protective barrier.

Textile Trend Fall/Winter 2022/23 - PARADIGM
ISPO Textrends

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