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Keep On Moving: 3 Megatrends of Textrends to Remember

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Post-pandemic, together, as an industry, we can move forward in creating a cleaner and efficient future for the growing consumer base, starting from the grassroots of the sports and outdoors market: the textiles, trims, and ingredients that deliver the desired performance, functionality, and creativity that the market is looking for. 

Spring/Summer 2023 evokes an injection of creativity, and in keeping with the collaborative direction the industry must take, ISPO Textrends has released an ‘outline of the Mega Trends’, guiding us forward to a new era.

Best Products, TOP 10, and Selection of ISPO Textrends will be announced at ISPO Shanghai, where interest in fabric developments is soaring. No longer a basic market on the textile front, the growing China home brands are also looking for innovation, performance, and sustainability – all key factors featured in the products selected by the international jury of textile experts.

Onwards and Upwards. Stepping into the Spring/Summer 2023 Season

The definitive mood for Spring/Summer 2023 is one of movement, moving forward rhythmically, with positivity and energy, as seen with the color palette. This is a team race to recovery; a steady journey towards continuing to adapt and evolve to the new solutions available in the textile chain. This also influences the consumer’s new approach to life, a calmer pace, as lifestyle choices are reassessed and both physical and mental health can be achieved through sports and outdoor activities.

Stepping into this new season should not be regarded as part of the new norm, but rather an extended and enhanced path we, as an industry, were already on. For brands and ingredients, this information is crucial to adapt and survive and to be part of building a better future together.

Louisa Smith

Mega Trend - Home Truths

With consumers continuing to influence and control decisions brands make in terms of design and delivery, one thing that all levels of the textile supply chain have to be is transparent. Greenwashing is just a no-no in today’s environment, the consumer is concerned that brands are delivering on their behalf as an activist approach to Social Corporate Responsibility and credible sourcing continues to grow. 

It is time, to be honest, but how much depends on the brand, as total transparency can leave you exposed to your competitors? At the end of the day, business is business, and that is why more textile and apparel brands are taking up independent accreditation so that the companies they are supplied can be confident of their origin.

Louisa Smith

Mega Trend - Balancing Act

Overconsumption had been a recurring discussion during the COVID-19 pandemic, as even before, textile and apparel brands holding stock inventory that couldn’t shift became an issue. In response, some consumers are looking to the ‘buy better, buy less’ movement which holds a lot of merits, however, where does it leave those with less disposable income, especially in a world where inclusivity is now the norm, especially to many sports that once lay in exclusive domains.

To keep moving, juggling quality, design, functionality, transparency, recyclability, circular economy and even production quantity have to be strategically managed to please everyone. One ball down, and they all come down. The strain of keeping everything up in the air and balanced is being adapted to with drop collections alongside signature seasonal pieces, and more accurate production quantities with reduced waste and inventory.

Louisa Smith

Mega Trend - Think Different

With digitalization the driver throughout all industries originally it opened the way to globalization. This development was a crucial journey for brands to originally growing globally, but now a global sameness has emerged, boring the consumer for the lack of diversity. It is time to use digitalization to our advantage. We need to look at markets, at unique aspects within different countries, offering limited collections under a global brand, and creating unique deliveries.

Digitalization can also feature through blockchain technology and customization, not just consumer customized design, but actual physical measured customization for the perfect fit, which in turn allows for improved performance and longevity. Other aspects that have to be thought through differently are the traditional B2B and B2C platforms, now overcome by D2C (direct to consumer) digital retailing. From in-real-time to online, the retail landscape is changing as traditional physical bricks and mortar create immersive experiences and digital services deliver direct to the door. 

For the complete set of trend information and all the products awarded for the Spring/Summer 2023 season, in high-resolution photos and easy direct contact with the suppliers, make sure you order the digital Trend Book, the essential tool for sourcing the season.

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