Mega Trends Spring/Summer 2023

The definitive mood for Spring/Summer 2023 is one of movement, moving forward in a rhythmical manner. This isn’t a race to recovery; this is a steady journey towards continuing to adapt and evolve to the new solutions available in the textile chain.

Stepping into this new season should not be regarded as part of the new norm, but rather an extended and enhanced path we, as an industry, were already on.

Mega Trends Spring/Summer 2023 - KEEP ON MOVING


With consumers continuing to influence and control decisions brands make, in terms of design and delivery, one area that all levels of the textile supply chain has to be is transparent.

Mega Trends Spring/Summer 2023 - HOME TRUTH


Overconsumption had been a recurring discussion during the COVID-19 pandemic, as even before, textile and apparel brands holding stock inventory that couldn’t shift became an issue.

Mega Trends Spring/Summer 2023 - BALANCING ACT


With digitalization the driver throughout all industries originally it opened the way to globalization. This development was a crucial journey for brands to originally grow globally, but now a global sameness has emerged, boring the consumer for the lack of diversity.

Mega Trends Spring/Summer 2023 - THINK DIFFERENT

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