ISPO Brandnew Sponsor Movesense by Suunto

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Build your own motion sensing solutions

Turn your wearable tech ideas into commercial products quickly and cost-effectively with Movesense, an open development platform for creating motion sensing solutions.

Movesense sensor can track motion and physiology in sports, wellness, research and more. The sensor runs your own in-device applications and it can be custom branded.

The platform includes efficient tools for software developers, and accessories for adding a smart dimension to any piece of apparel and equipment. Already hundreds of developers are working on Movesense based projects and the amount of published products is increasing rapidly.

Movesense is developed and manufactured by the Finnish sports watch expert Suunto.

There is a lot more information on www.movesense.com that can be used, and we will provide material as requested but would need some guidelines of what’s needed. Overall, we want to spread the word about the opportunities to build all kinds of sports tracking solutions with Movesense and invite companies to try it out. Our dream is to measure all sports in the world but, to make it happen, we need other companies to share the vision and to start turning their own ideas into reality with our support.