06/03/2019, Barcelona
ISPO Academy Barcelona
ISPO Academy in Barcelona speakers and guests
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The circular economy in the digital age

On June 3, 2019 Firamunich, S.L, official representation of Messe München in Spain and in collaboration with AFYDAD (Spanish Sports Industry Association) and the Barcelona Moda Centre, will organize the 7th ISPO Academy Barcelona, where retailers, brands, media and entrepreneurs of the sport sectors will meet.

In this new edition of ISPO Academy the focus topics will be digitalization, artificial intelligence, sustainability and circular economy. More information on program and speaksers in the following agenda.

Venue: Barcelona Moda Centre, Ronda Maiols, 1, 08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès, Barcelona

Admission is free with previous registration.



Speaker: Andrés de la Dehesa, President at Afydad

From Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence: why, how and where to use the Artificial intelligence to improve your decisions

Speaker: Montse Llos i Bombardó, Head of Data Science in Sportmas Analytics powered by Mind Analytics

In short: Montse will elaborate on how artificial intelligence can contribute to increase business profits, not only intended for large companies, but for companies of any size.

Sexy retailers – How offline commerce can become an efficient, relevant and inspiring place

Speaker: Alex Cucurrull, General Manager in Base Detallsport S.A. and Fermín Davies, Project executive director in Sportmas

In short: Alex and Fermín will talk about how digitalization can improve sales experience and how to improve sale and purchase returns by using predictive models, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Break with networking and coffee
Accelerating the global evolution of sports. Sustainability is a must!

Speaker: Christoph Rapp, International Sales, Retail Manager of ISPO, and ISPO Academy responsible

In short: Christoph will talk about ISPO’s commitment to digitalization and sustainability, two of ISPO’s strengths.

Circular Economy, why is it interesting for my company? Study cases in the sport industry

Speaker: Jordi Oliver i Solà, Founding partner and Executive director at Inèdit Innovació S.L.

In short: Jordi Oliver i Solà will let attendants know on first-hand what the circular economy consists of: a new approach of business model whose main objective is to preserve the value of products, components and materials inside the economy circle as long as possible, generating value. Attendees will discover case studies of companies that have already gained competitiveness thanks to the application of circular economy strategies and have learned why it is a necessary and desirable process of change for the company, the society and the planet.

The circular economy at BUFF® - Do More Now

Speaker: Albert Medrano, Marketing Director in Original Buff S.A.

In short: Attendees will see how important day-to-day measures are in a company that designs, produces and distributes textile accessories for the sports sector. The significance of communicating these actions will also be analysed to make sure consumers are aware of how they contribute to the good functioning of the cycle.

Closing Remarks

Speakers: Marta Bombardó, General Manager BMC / Martina Claus, Managing Director Firamunich, S.L.

All speeches will be in Spanish.