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 Anders Selling (SWE)

Anders Selling (SWE)

. ISPO AWARD Jury: Anders Selling (Quelle: ISPO AWARD)
ISPO AWARD Jury: Anders Selling
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HuginBiz AB, Chairman of the Board

Anders has a management consultant background with international experience in automotive and sports and today engaged in challenges with brand management, digitalization and sustainability issues. He grew up on the countryside in a region with an strong Nordic skiing heritage and today appreciates outdoor life all seasons in the mountains and on the sea. He is the President of the Swedish Sailing Federation and has a strong engagement in events like Ecotrail, Uddevalla MTB and La Diagonela in Engadin. Until  2015 he was the CEO of Vasaloppet.

“I spent most of my career in product development and I am fascinated by the boost in interest for Nordic skiing as well as the development of new products that comes along with the growth of the market. To be part of selecting and awarding the most innovative products is an honor and I think we will see many innovative products that will surprise us in the next couple of years.”

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