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 Marianne van der Steen (NL)

Marianne van der Steen (NL)

. ISPO AWARD Jury: Marianne van der Steen (Quelle: ISPO AWARD)
ISPO AWARD Jury: Marianne van der Steen
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Professional climber

Winner "Become a jury member"

Marianne van der Steen is a Dutch professional climber, competing in Worldcup ice climbing and previously also in sports climbing events. The tough winter alpinist realized some first ascents, including female first ascents; she also has a few successful expeditions under her belt. Marianne loves running, hiking, and bike endurance distances.

Besides her professional sports, she teaches climbing safety; she also lectures about her performances and trains other athletes. Marianne organizes climbing events and is responsible for several Social Media channels. Living in a self-build and completely self-sufficient tiny house, she is always aware of her impact on nature and the environment.

Being a professional outdoor athlete and with lifelong outdoor experience, three University degrees (education, geology, and nature/forest conservation studies), and knowledge regarding climbing safety, she hopes to be one of the most versatile judges in this year's ISPO AWARD jury.

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