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 Janine Hannemann (GER)

Janine Hannemann (GER)

. ISPO AWARD Jury: Janine Hannemann (Quelle: ISPO AWARD)
ISPO AWARD Jury: Janine Hannemann
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Researcher, Lecturer, Ski Instructor & Trainer

Winner "Become a jury member"

From the early childhood Janine has been involved in sports and travel. She is currently Researcher at TU Dortmund University and lecturer for alpine Skiing. Since several years she is involved in the training and education of skiers and ski instructors and worked in several countries of the world.

“I am really happy to join the Jury for the ISPO Ski Award, because Skiing is a part of my everyday life and my attitudes towards life. As researcher i´m working with innovations and aspects of quality. Therefore I am very excited about the submitted products and I am happy to have the opportunity to judge and discuss their different aspects with various experts. "

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