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 Mario Felgenhauer (GER)

Mario Felgenhauer (GER)

. ISPO AWARD Jury: Mario Felgenhauer (Quelle: ISPO AWARD)
ISPO AWARD Jury: Mario Felgenhauer
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Following an active career as a biathlete and cross-country skier, Mario already worked as the editor of, the popular German-speaking online cross-country portal, during his university years. As the editor, he is organizing the world's largest cross-country ski test every year. Since 2015, he and his brother are the owners of

"Being a journalist interested in technology and product, I am looking forward to the exciting task of being a member of the ISPO Awards ski jury. To excite me, you don't have to re-invent the ski; to me, a product that tackles a large or small challenge is far more exceptional."

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