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 ISPO AWARD jury member Urs Egli


ISPO AWARD jury member Urs Egli. Urs Egli (Quelle: ISPO AWARD)
ISPO AWARD Apparel-Jurymitglied Urs Egli
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Executive Master of Business Administration

Urs Egli looks back on 15 years of professional experiences within the global sporting goods market at Kjus, Oakley, Vaude and Mammut. During his curriculum vitae he successfully lead business areas such as product management, innovation, product development, brand- and category management. Urs is passionate skier, snowboarder, surfer and mountain biker based in Engelberg, Switzerland. At the moment Urs is part of an Executive Master of Business Administration program at the Maastricht School of Management to prepare his next business venture.

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