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 Jaka Benedik (SLV)

Jaka Benedik (SLV)

. ISPO AWARD Jury: Jaka Benedik (Quelle: ISPO AWARD)
ISPO AWARD Jury: Jaka Benedik
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Jaka Design, Product Designer & Extreme sports athlete

Jaka is a product designer, who is well practiced in the arts of skydiving, skiing and ice hockey. His first hand design approach and eye for detail benefited the jury greatly. He was the national champion in formation skydiving for 8 years and also represented Slovenia in two world championships. He competed in alpine ski competitions throughout her youth, and was also later selected as a junior for HK Olimpija, Ljubljana in ice hockey. In her design career she has been awarded with 3 Red Dot awards and a national award for excellence in the creative industry.

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