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 Men BT 2.0 Glove


Men BT 2.0 Glove

. KJUS – Men BT 2.0 Glove (Quelle: KJUS)
KJUS – Men BT 2.0 Glove
Bild: KJUS
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KJUS – Men BT 2.0 Glove

Category: Gloves

The BT 2.0 Glove features a Bluetooth handset with integrated OLED display to get you in full control of incoming and missed calls, a waterproof speaker and microphone with noisecancelling technology. The glove construction features a comfort-mapped lining, conductive leather for touchscreen navigation, molded visco-elastic foam knuckle protection, full-leather palms, detachable wrist-leashes, and a 2-in-1 attachment hook system.


This glove is a dream come true. Like magic, you accept calls in the ski lift or make a call from the ski lodge, simply by holding your fingers to your mouth and ear. But that's not all, because the glove itself is wonderfully crafted and made of the best materials.

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