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 Fimbulvetr Hikr


Fimbulvetr Hikr

. Fimbulvetr – Fimbulvetr Hikr (Quelle: Fimbulvetr)
Fimbulvetr – Fimbulvetr Hikr
Bild: Fimbulvetr
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Fimbulvetr – Fimbulvetr Hikr

Category: Snow Expedition Equipment

Developed in close collaboration with pro-snowboarder Mikkel Bang. The Fimbulvetr Hikr has integrated, adjustable heel lifts and an asymmetric design that squeezes a traditional 28" performance down to just 24". The Hikr offers clear advantages, moving fast and effortlessly in all directions. 


High-quality materials with one piece molding. The large surface area makes this a outstanding product.

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