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 The stars of the skateboarding scene at Munich Mash:
Action-sports | 01.07.2016

Action-sports event Munich Mash 2016

Street Skateboarding: “An Accolade for the Munich Mash”

Nyjah Huston is the superstar of the street skateboarding scene: Here he performs on a typical course. (Quelle: Munich Mash)
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The first stop on the Street League Skateboarding Nike SB World Tour 2016 is the second largest event at the Munich Mash. The 29 best skateboarders in the world competed on a concrete skate park in the Olympic ice stadium.

The SLS is deemed to be the top skateboarding series: “We are very pleased that we could bring the SLS to the Olympic Park. That really gives the Mash an accolade”, as OK boss Frank Seipp is pleased to state.

Slopestyle mountain biking, street skateboarding, and big air wakeboarding – the Munich Mash from July 1-3, 2016 in Munich’s Olympic Park assembled three of today’s most trendy sports.

What’s street skateboarding all about?

Since the 1970s, skateboarding has been a symbol of urban lifestyle and particularly of youth culture. The street discipline arose in the 1980s, when the skaters began to show off some stylish tricks in fields and on stages in towns. Contests have continued to take place today, especially in purpose-built skateparks.

In 2010, one of the earlier pro skateboarders Rob Drydek founded the SLS, in order to help the sport gain better popularity. The boom in street skateboarding has recently fallen slightly. In 2020, however, skateboarding will become an Olympic sport for the first time – this may push the sport to new heights.

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Who are the stars?

The most successful SLS athlete is Nyjah Huston (USA), who changed to the outfitter Nike SB in January 2016. He is also the skateboarder who has won the most prize money in the history of the sport. In the SLS and at the X-Games alone, according to Forbes, he has earned more than 2 million dollars. The man, who has 2.2 million Facebook followers, also got the highest score that one can get for a trick (9.9 points).

The winner at the Munich Mash 2016 was Paul Rodriguez (34.0 points), Luan Oliveira reached the second place (32.7), Nyjah Huston (32.1) went third. (This is the official report.)

Nickname Cobra: Chris Cole will also be one of the starters at the SLS. (Quelle: Munich Mash)
Nickname Cobra: Chris Cole will also be one of the starters at the SLS.
Bild: Munich Mash

Which sponsors are involved?

Red Bull, Monster Energy, Adidas and Nike SB have contracts with Street Skateboarding pros, as do brands that have their roots in skateboarding, such as Vans, DC, Element or Volcom. They are joined by a large number of equippers for boards, wheels and axles. Official partners of the SLS are Monster Energy, GoPro and Pacsun.

The car manufacturer Lexus will be the title sponsor of the German Skateboarding Championship. For them, the youthful urban environment is just as attractive as skateboarding’s image, that continues to be rebellious, and its high level of credibility. 

On which channels is there street skateboarding?

Street skateboarding is a classic event at the X-Games and has therefore been on TV for a long time. The Street League Skateboarding contest at the Mash was live-streamed on the Internet and shown live on TV in the USA. The scene meets in the skateparks, skateboarding halls and hotspots in towns and is hardly ever organised by clubs or associations.

These are the stars of the Munich Mash 2016

What potential does street skateboarding have?

Street skateboarding is not going to die out and will continue to be one of the specific youth cultures. Athletes such as the five-times German Skateboarding Champion Alex Mizuor hope that the 2020 Olympic Games will help initiate a new boom for the sport. 

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How the Munich Mash works:

Sebastian Ring (Quelle: Sebastian Ring)
Article by Sebastian Ring, author
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