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 Zlagboard World Record: 15-Year-Old Breaks Strength Record
Outdoor | 18.07.2017

Hang time contest in Chamonix Challenge for climbers

New Zlagboard World Record: Nika Potapova (15) Breaks the Female Record

Zlagboard World Record: 15-Year-Old Breaks Strength Record. Nika Potapova hangs onto the Zlagboard for over 2 minutes: a new record! (Quelle: Vertical-Life)
Nika Potapova hangs onto the Zlagboard for over 2 minutes: a new record!
Bild: Vertical-Life
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When it comes to “hanging” around, Nika Potapova isn’t like other teenagers. The 15-year-old Ukrainian set a new record on the Zlagboard. 2:02.94 minutes – that’s how long Potapova’s finger strength lasted while clinging onto the two-centimeter-deep holds on the fingerboard in Chamonix.

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Over 6,000 climbers, including numerous top athletes, have already risen to the challenge. Spaniard Ramón Julián Puigblanque broke the male record, managing to hold onto the Zlagboard for 2:44.35 minutes.

Video: Potapova’s Zlagboard world record

Vertical-Life has been organizing this contest for three years and has so far taken it to around 50 climbing events and festivals.

Nika Potapova is presumably only partly happy with her result at the IFSC Worldcup in Chamonix: a video on YouTube shows her on the hang board for approximately 2:40 minutes – and at the age of just 13.

Joscha Thieringer (Quelle: ISPO)
Article by Joscha Thieringer, editor
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