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 Anton Krupicka: „Combine Running, Climbing, Skiing, Biking“
Running | 13.06.2017

Running Star about Trail Running, Success on Facebook and the Outdoors

Trail Runner Anton Krupicka: „Just Combine Running, Climbing, Skiing, Biking“

Anton Krupicka: „Combine Running, Climbing, Skiing, Biking“. For the American Anton Krupicka is trail running an effective way to move efficiently and self-sufficiently in the outdoors. La Sportiva (Quelle: La Sportiva_Images)
For the American Anton Krupicka is trail running an effective way to move efficiently and self-sufficiently in the outdoors.
Bild: La Sportiva_Images
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The popular American mountain runner Anton Krupicka won numerous competitions, for example the Leadville 100, the Miwok 100k and the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile trail run. He belongs to the best trail and ultra runners worldwide. Besides these hard facts he is a pretty cool dude with over 100.000 followers on facebook and kind of a „crossover vision“ for sports in the outdoors. For he explained it.

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In the last years you were skiing and climbing a lot and had also some serious injuries – what are your plans for the near future?
I will continue to vary my activities with the season (skiing in winter; climbing, biking, and running in summer), but I hope to continue to be able to run pain-free and consistently. I’m not done racing ultras, I plan on doing more going forward. Competition is personally very rewarding for me.

Outdoor and running – two topics that come closer to each other in the last years. At least that is something what the industry tells us. Do you think this is just an industry hype or a real thing?
For me, running is simply an effective way to move efficiently and self-sufficiently in the outdoors. I love the simplicity and utility of it. So, yes, it makes sense that it would be combined with other outdoor activities - climbing, biking, skiing - to tackle interesting objectives in the mountains. There is no need to limit an activity by trying to define it. Don’t stifle inspiration and creativity with a label.

Outdoor Star Anton Krupicka and Facebook: It's a mystery

You are very popular, you have over 100.000 Followers on Facebook, have you ever wondered that you as a trail runner have more fans than some Olympic Champion for instance?
Of course I have wondered about this. I don’t know the answer.

Where does your success/popularity come from, what do you think?
Like I said above, I don’t know. It’s a mystery to me, too.

How do you “take care” of your fans and followers?
I don’t. Through social media, I offer a window into a part of my daily life. People are free to follow along or not. 

When over 100mi deep late in the afternoon on one of the first properly warm days of the season, it's the little things...

Posted by Anton Krupicka on Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

Do you think it is sometimes a burden to have all those fans and to be so popular?
Sometimes I wish I were a little more anonymous. I’m naturally an introverted, low-key person. It is sometimes uncomfortable to be recognized all the time. But, that recognition also allows me to enjoy a certain lifestyle as a sponsored athlete, so I can’t be too bothered by it.

Trail Running and Sponsors

Trail Running: The new Running Trend in Pictures

What characterizes a good sponsor?
I have to believe in the products and in the company practices. The company’s marketing has to feel true to me. If these things are in place, then it is a natural fit and we can usually form a mutually beneficial relationship.

What can sponsors do for athletes?
Provide equipment, promote them as individuals. In return, athletes endorse their products exclusively and help with product development.

The trail-runner is on the road half of the year, either  abroad or in the mountain ranges of the American West. (Quelle: La Sportiva)
The trail-runner is on the road half of the year, either abroad or in the mountain ranges of the American West.
Bild: La Sportiva

What are you planning to do after your trail-running-career?
Possibly work in the outdoor industry. Possibly do something completely unrelated.

Running Distance isn't the point

The races tend to become longer and longer and more extreme, what do you think where does the development lead to?
I don’t think longer necessarily equals better. For me, the 100 mile distance has always been a nice upper limit. It is very difficult - much more challenging than something I could ever do in training - but it doesn’t require months of recovery afterwards. If you run correctly, a one-mile race can be just as challenging as a 100 mile race. The distance isn’t the point, the point is rather to challenge yourself, prepare for that challenge, and then try your hardest.

Run wherever you like

Looking back which run was the most exciting in the last time?
I don’t have a most exciting run. The most exciting run for me is the one I just did and the next one that I get to do.

What are the best places to run for ultra-runners and trailrunners? 
The best place to run is where ever it is most convenient for you. It doesn’t matter where you run, only that you gain satisfaction from it and make it a consistent practice.

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Article by Claudia Klingelhöfer, author
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