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 Magdalena Neuner as the Sympathetic Joker for Erdinger
Sports-Business | 18.03.2016

Record-breaking biathlon world champion as brand ambassador

Magdalena Neuner as the Sympathetic Joker for Erdinger

Magdalena Neuner as the Sympathetic Joker for Erdinger. As brand ambassador, Magdalena Neuner is the beaming face of Erdinger.
As brand ambassador, Magdalena Neuner is the beaming face of Erdinger.
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Brand ambassador Magdalena Neuner performs in the new commercial by Erdinger Weißbräu. The record-breaking biathlon champion is a stroke of luck as the brewery's partner – something she also proves at the ad's premier.

Of course, the Biathlon World Cup was on TV at the Neuner house. Mom and record-breaking world champion Magdalena was watching in any case, as well as dad Josef and daughter Verena. Born in May 2014, Verena is already speaking her first words in the first two weeks of March. "When the biathlon is on, she says 'ski' and 'boom boom,'" explains Magdalena Neuner. "And with the shooting: nomoi." At the Neuner home in Wallgau, near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, they ultimately speak the Bavarian form of German. "Nomoi" means "nochmal" in standard German, or "again."

On the stage, like on the biathlon track

Magdalena Neuner tells the story of her family life as naturally as she sat at the top of the world on the track during her biathlon career. And she explains it on the stage of Munich's Gloria Palast, as sponsor Erdinger presents its new commercial in the Edel-Kino. Brand ambassador Neuner joins in too; in one scene, she gets to clink a glass of weißbier with owner Werner Brombach.

Magdalena Neuner clinks glasses with brewery owner Werner Brombach in their commercial.
Magdalena Neuner clinks glasses with brewery owner Werner Brombach in their commercial.

You only see her for a couple of seconds, but those seconds are enough: there could scarcely be a better sympathetic joker for the family-run northern brewery than the biathlete who, while she was active, had already advertised for Erdinger Alkoholfrei. Even years after her retirement in early 2012, Neuner is ever the down-to-earth, charming Gold Lena, who even tells the audience about her daughter's first words, or about her husband Josef who "had to get used to healthy cooking at home for the first time."

Second career as a businesswoman

It shows that these are professionals at work. Presenter Gerd Rubenbauer has carefully prepared his passes to director Hans Steinbichler; Werner Brombach himself gives an odd, but charming look into the soul of the brewer. And Magdalena Neuner, who has amazing talent in her second career as a businesswoman, even brings phrases like "we always only have weißbier at home, we have to buy pale ale when friends come over" from the world of staged marketing into the Neuner home in Wallgau - where she, as a stay-at-home mom, "naturally wears the pants."

She sees the day of shooting with Brombach and the Erdinger crew as "a really casual day, we clinked glasses a lot." Even so with alcohol-free weißbier, "very civilized," says Neuner. In the evening, it eventually continued on with the flight to Frankfurt and the next appointments. The ad, "He Speaks a Classic, Traditional Language," can be seen by many television viewers for the first time on March 19th, at 8:15 p.m.

"A nice compliment" for Magdalena Neuner

At the premiere, even when Gerd Rubenbauer tries to compare Magdalena Neuner with the brewery's soon to be available Erdinger sommer weiße, she still somehow slips loose. "If I'm light, airy, and tasty, then that's a nice compliment."

Neuner with Erdinger-CEO Werner Brombach. (Quelle: Erdinger Weißbräu)
Neuner with Erdinger-CEO Werner Brombach.
Bild: Erdinger Weißbräu

Magdalena Neuner is incidentally wearing a dirndl today, but nothing cheap or gaudy like what's now worn a thousand times over at Oktoberfest. It's classic, but a little pink and cheeky. You would immediately get the feeling that she also wears this dirndl at the village fair in Wallgau – just like you'd like to simply believe, without any suspicion, that she really likes to drink weißbier.

Julian Galinski (Quelle: ISPO)
Article by Julian Galinski, Senior Editor
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