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 Outdoors Future Camp: Conference for Outdoor Talents
Academy | 26.07.2017

Outdoor Talents, New Recruits and Newcomers Meet in Sheffield

Outdoors Future Camp & ISPO ACADEMY: Speakers and Conference Program are Fixed

Outdoors Future Camp: Conference for Outdoor Talents. The Outdoors Future Camp in Sheffield is aimed at the next generation of outdoor experts. (Quelle: OIA)
The Outdoors Future Camp in Sheffield is aimed at the next generation of outdoor experts.
Bild: OIA
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The Outdoors Industries Association (OIA) has announced the list of speakers and the workshop program for the Outdoors Future Camp & ISPO ACADEMY. The outdoor sector is meeting at the conference in Sheffield Ecclesall to exchange views on the latest developments and important specialized topics. The event is predominantly aimed at young talented outdoor new recruits as well as interested newcomers.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the Outdoors Future Camp in Sheffield has been cancelled.

The keynote speakers on September 5 and 6 are:

  • Matthias Gebhard, Managing Director of the successful German online retailer,
  • Colin Bradshaw, Chief Customer Officer of the British online data marketing consulting company Twenty Ci,
  • Pau Molinas, Chief Operating Officer of the Spanish customer analysis software developer Exipple Studio,
  • Caroline White, board member of the British association Sport & Recreation Alliance.

Forecast for Outdoor Customers of the Future

Along with the speeches, there will also be numerous workshops in Sheffield that will provide a very good overview of the outdoor market. For example, conference participants can find out more about how social media can be used in a professional environment in the courses.

Outdoors Future Camp & ISPO ACADEMY will also give an indication of what outdoor customers of the future could look like, bring young talents and mature sector specialists together, and provide some impetus for creative and fresh brand management.

You can find all information about the program, registration and how to get there on the event website of the Outdoors Industries Association.

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Article by Christopher Eichfelder, author
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