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 ZDHC: Banning Harmful Chemicals from Production
Sustainability | 26.01.2017

ZDHC wants to improve chemical management

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals: Banning Harmful Substances from Production

ZDHC: Banning Harmful Chemicals from Production. Not a label in the proper sense, but more of an initiative: the ZDHC program.
Not a label in the proper sense, but more of an initiative: the ZDHC program.
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The abbreviation ZDHC stands for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, and is an association of textile and shoe manufacturers that have made it their goal to completely ban harmful substances from their production processes. It was founded in 2011. The ZDHC program is led by the non-profit ZDHC Foundation, headquartered in Amsterdam.

Its goal is the elimination of hazardous substances from the production process for clothing. The Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) was also developed to serve as a list of dangerous chemicals that may not be used or may only be used in set concentrations. These low concentrations are intended to preclude the possibility of any intentional use of these substances.

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals: Screenings in the Supply Chain

Alongside these standards, the ZDHC provides assistance in the search for alternatives, promotes best practice solutions and carries out screenings along the supply chain. It uses training courses to help improve chemical management, thereby promoting safe chemicals. 22 brands and 13 companies from the supply chain as well as associations from the fashion and athletic wear industry have now joined the foundation. 

The ZDHC does not consider itself a label, but rather a textile industry association dedicated to eliminating harmful substances in the value chain. You can find information on the Roadmap Zero here.

Dr. Regina Henkel (Quelle: Dr. Regina Henkel)
Article by Dr. Regina Henkel, editor
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