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 Global Recycle Standard: Controlled Recycling
Sustainability | 26.01.2017

Sustainability at ISPO MUNICH 2017

Global Recycle Standard: Controlled Recycling

Global Recycle Standard: Controlled Recycling. A basic standard for recycling: the Global Recycle Standard.
A basic standard for recycling: the Global Recycle Standard.
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The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) is a product standard that keeps a check on the composition of products made from recycled materials. Specific product requirements are also attached to the seal.

The seal was created in 2008 under the umbrella of the Control Union Certifications, but has been owned by Textile Exchange since 2011. The standard is regularly reviewed by a large stakeholder group that includes retailers, brands, distributors and other industry members.

The list of guidelines has been changed multiple times over the past several years, and there are always new requirements to meet.

Global Recycle Standard: Certificate for Clothing

The GRS ensures the traceability of materials and guarantees environmentally friendly production. It focuses on the production of fiber, but takes into consideration the entire product life cycle.

Read more here: The Global Recycle Standard 

The GRS label may be used with final products, such as clothing or household textiles, if they contain a minimum of 20% recycled materials. In addition, the GRS includes guidelines on environmental protection and social standards companies must follow.

Dr. Regina Henkel (Quelle: Dr. Regina Henkel)
Article by Dr. Regina Henkel, editor
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