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ISPO AWARD 2016/2017


Special: Outdoor

    ON SNOW PREVIEW 2016: The future of winter sports

    The media representatives invited get to see selected innovations by premium manufacturers at ISPO ON SNOW PREVIEW in the Garmisch-Classic ski area.

  • Outdoor
    Dani Arnold - 106 minutes on the Matterhorn

    106 minutes – a manageable period of time. It would be plenty of time to hold a football match including half time and a little bit of extra time. 

  • People
    Roth: Skiing might become too exclusive

    Increasing temperatures, increasing prices – winter-sports and the entire winter-sports sector will face major challenges in future. Professor Ralf-Dieter Roth teaches at the German Sport University Cologne at the Institute of Outdoor Sports and Environmental Science and is one of the world’s leading experts in his field. Here, he talks about snow, alternative marketing for ski resorts and the issues facing skiers. Let’s take a look at the future of the industry: What do the winter-sports of the future look like, Mr. Roth? Will we still be skiing in Germany in ten or twenty years? How will climate change affect the leisure time activities of winter-sports enthusiasts? Ralf-Dieter Roth: Well, it’s not just climate change. We also have a great deal of homework to do.

  • Outdoor
    Klaus Dittrich and Rolf Schmid: Climbing the Alps' Highest Peak

    Rolf Schmid, CEO of Mammut Sports Group, and Klaus Dittrich, Chairman of the Management of Messe München share a deep passion for the mountains. The two executives started their trek to the 4,810-meter-high Mont Blanc in 2015.

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