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 Running: Lee Saxby Promotes Joe Nimble Barefoot Shoes
Sports-Business | 05.09.2017

Cooperation for start of German shoe brand in the USA

Running Coach Lee Saxby Supports Joe Nimble Barefoot Shoes

Running: Lee Saxby Promotes Joe Nimble Barefoot Shoes. Running coach Lee Saxby (photo) promotes Joe Nimble's barefoot shoes. (Quelle: Joe Nimble)
Running coach Lee Saxby (photo) promotes Joe Nimble's barefoot shoes.
Bild: Joe Nimble
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The German shoe manufacturer Joe Nimble receives prominent support with Lee Saxby in his entry into the US market. Saxby has been a coach for decades and is an advocate of barefoot running, which means running without shoes or with thin soles. A trend that Joe Nimble has also committed itself to with its barefoot collection. Now both have entered into a cooperation.

Joe Nimble offers functional shoes designed to combine the health benefits of barefoot running with the performance and comfort of a shoe", says Saxby.

For Joe Nimble's Managing Director Sebastian Bär, Saxby's support is another cornerstone of a successful start to the US market, where the company has been present since June. 

"I'm very happy that we can finally start Joe Nimble in the USA. Our products offer uncompromising freedom for the toes. The advantages can be felt immediately. This philosophy was my lifelong passion and now we share it with the rest of the world", says Bär.

The Joe Nimble brand was founded in 1982 and is a subsidiary of the family-owned company Bär Footwear World.

Article by Martin Jahns, Author
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