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 Edelrid Absorbing Red Chili: More Climbing Power
Sports-business | 30.05.2017

Stefan Glowacz’s company now a part of the Vaude Group

Edelrid and Red Chili Merging: More Power in the Climbing Segment

Edelrid Absorbing Red Chili: More Climbing Power. Red Chili and Edelrid are merging, and want to expand their position in the climbing market. (Quelle: edelrid)
Red Chili and Edelrid are merging, and want to expand their position in the climbing market.
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Climbing specialist Red Chili has joined the Vaude Group. The company founded by Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter is merging with Edelrid. On its part, the climbing brand from Isny in Allgäu, Germany, has been a part of the outdoor company Vaude since 2006.

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“The merger will bundle strengths and make use of synergies to actively advance the international climbing market,” Edelrid announced on its website.

Edelrid focusing on Red Chili climbing boots

The brand identity of Red Chili, whose home office lies in Löchgau near Stuttgart, will be maintained and more internationally aligned, according to Edelrid: “The Brand Alignment, Clothing, and Climbing Boot Development divisions will remain under the leadership of the brand founders Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter.”

Hardware manufacturer Edelrid aims to do away with its own climbing boot production in the future, while both brands’ clothing lines will be offered in parallel in specialty retail.

By their own accounts, Edelrid acquired a “majority of the staff from Development and Design” from Red Chili. The climbing equipment company currently has approximately 160 employees.

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