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 Under Armour takes on “The Rock"
Sports-Business | 08.02.2016


Under Armour takes on “The Rock"

Under Armour takes on “The Rock". Dwayne Johnson
In 2016, Dwayne Johnson will be playing the lead in the film “Central Intelligence”.
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The American sportswear manufacturer, Under Armour, has announced a partnership with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The actor and producer will work closely with the up-and-coming brand in the fields of footwear, clothing and accessories. Johnson will also support the Connected Fitness Initiative. 

"The Rock" was a wrestler with the WWE for many years and held seven champion titles during that time. Afterwards he began a career as an actor, participating in some – more or less – serious productions.

Since then, however, Johnson has definitely enjoyed a number of successes: The Forbes List of the Top Grossing Actors listed him as number one in 2013. In 2015 he was the Top International Box Office Star – his were the highest grossing movies at the box office that year. 

“The Rock” is into fitness and health

And “The Rock” was awarded the People’s Choice Award 2016 in the category best actor on cable television for his role as a former football player in the TV series “Ballers.”

Throughout his career Johnson promoted health and fitness, says Under Armour.

The partnership between the company and the actor seems like a perfect fit, since, according to Under Armour, Johnson is “on an ongoing mission to encourage and motivate people around the world as well as to instruct them about health and physical fitness.”

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