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International conferences, lectures and seminars for retailers and sports business professionals


ISPO ACADEMY offers sports business professionals a wide range of information and insights on the latest developments in the sporting goods industry worldwide.

Numerous lectures during the ISPO trade fairs in Munich, Shanghai and Beijing, independent ISPO ACADEMY conferences in various countries with relevant focus topics, and a comprehensive online range of studies, articles, lectures and seminars provide market participants with valuable opportunities to develop and stay competitive in today’s market.

With a growing number of internationally renowned lecturers and specialists on the latest trends and developments, ISPO ACADEMY not only provides a unique platform to remain on the cutting edge, but also a comprehensive overview on trends and innovations worldwide.

From regional distributors to multinational corporations - ISPO ACADEMY offers relevant and current knowledge for sports business professionals.

Our main topics:

- Digitalization in Retail and Industry

- Social Media

- Branding and Brand Development

- Supply Chain Management

- Environmental and Social Responsibility

May 2017 Spain
July 2017 Shanghai, China
Sept 2017 Japan
Oct 2017 Poland
Nov 2017 South Korea
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