Caring Matters - Reduce Your Impact

Join us for an inspiring panel talk on "Caring Matters - Reduce Your Impact" as we talk about how bluesign collaborates with its partners to create a more sustainable industry. Discover the power of our Impact Report, where we showcase the measurable KPIs that demonstrate your progress in reducing resources and minimizing our environmental footprint. Learn firsthand how bluesign's unique approach fosters collaboration and empowers our partners to make meaningful changes. Be inspired by success stories and best practices as we discuss the tangible steps taken towards a more responsible and sustainable future. Don't miss out on this insightful session!
  • Barbara Oswald
    Barbara Oswald
    Product Development
  • Carina Dietrich
    Carina Dietrich
    Product Development
  • Kutay Saritosun
    Kutay Saritosun
    Brand Services
  • Marco Guazzoni
    Marco Guazzoni
    Sustainability Director