The UK’s Best Betting Sites with Cash Out in 2024

Want to know more about cash outs when betting? We’ve reviewed the best cash out betting sites to help you maximise your profits when betting on your favourite sporting events. Find out everything you need to know about cashing out your bets, and which is the best betting site that offers cash outs below.

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Florian Güde editorLast updated: 23.05.2024
Best Cash Out Betting Sites in the UK 2024
Cash Out Betting Site Bonus Cash Out Sports Partial Cash Outs Highlight Secure Link
100% up to £50 Welcome Bonus Most No Wide Range of Payment Methods
Bet £10 get £50 Bonuses Most Yes Innovative Platform Features
Bet £5 get £30 Bonuses Most Yes Partial Cah Out Available
£50 + Free Bets Every Week Most No Combine Casino and Cash Out Sports Betting
Bet £15 get £10 in Free Bets Most No Emerging Cash Out Betting Site
100% up to £111 Casino Bonus 6 Yes Overall Best Cash Out Site
Bet 15 get £10 in Free Bets Most Yes Great Football Cash Out Site
Bet £15 get £10 in Free Bets Most No Great Welcome Bonus Offer
Bet £25 get £50 in Free Bets Most Yes Exciting New Cash Out Platform
Bet £10 get £30 in Free Bets Most Yes Popular Cash Out Betting Site

What is Cash Out Betting?

Cash out betting allows bettors to settle a wager before an event concludes, providing flexibility and control over their bets. This feature means that sports fans can take profits early or minimise losses, even if the bet eventually loses. For this reason, cash out facilities have become massively popular with online UK sports bettors.

Our Top 10 Cash Out Betting Sites

Our team have gone through some of the top competitors in online sports betting in the UK and evaluated each one for their features, functionality, and overall value to sports fans. Here’s our rundown of what we consider to be the best betting sites with cash out available in the UK.

1. 10bet Cash Out

Fantastic User Friendly Interface
Fantastic Live Betting Options + Cash Out
▶️ Visit Site!

10bet is a prominent online betting platform in the UK, is known for its comprehensive coverage of various sports, including football, basketball, and tennis, all of which are suited for cash out. Its in-play betting markets are particularly popular.

You should be happy with the cash out function, because we were! It’s easy to use and you are able to settle bets quickly and seemlessly. The odds were also pretty good in our opinion.

2. Betfred Cash Out

Partial Cash Outs Offered
Extensive Coverage of Most Sports
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Betfred is an excellent choice for cash out. With years of experience, Betfred caters to bettors on major events like the Grand National, FA Cup final, and Wimbledon, as well as key international sports fixtures.

When using the cash out feature, we found that our bets were settled quickly, and the payouts offered were always good value. It was a simple process that any of you could follow.

3. BetVictor Cash Out

Partial Cash Out Available for Football
Great Range of Betting Markets
▶️ Visit Site!

BetVictor offers partial cash outs across almost every sport on its betting platform. It is renowned for offering a wide variety of sports betting options, with a particular strength in football markets.

The cash out betslip is easy to use and you have a good overview of what bets you have underway. When you want to cash out, you simple click and confirm and it is settled in seconds.

4. The Pools

Great User-Friendly Interface
Fantastic Live Betting Options with Cash Out
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The Pools offers robust cash out features, in-play graphics, and extensive live markets across various sports. For football, it provides an interactive match tracker, statistics, head-to-head records, squad lists, and tables to help make informed bets.

We found that these features complemented the cash out section perfectly, and we could time the completion of our bets to line up with the best value depending on the flow of the match.

5. BetTarget Cash Out

New Exciting Cash Out Betting Platform
Great Payment Methods Available
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Another emerging competitor in the online sports betting market, BetTarget offers a diverse array of betting markets, with a strong focus on football, horse racing, and tennis. We consider it one of the best online betting sites with cash out for those new to sports betting.

We say this, as it is easy to use and is intuitive. Therefore, if you are a new bettor, this seems like a good place to start your cash out journey.

6. YetiBet Cash Out

Partial Cash Outs Available
Cash Out Offered on Wide Range of Sports
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One of our top-rated bookies in general, YetiBet offers a cash out feature that we’ve found very compelling. It covers virtually all niche pursuits – making it one of the best Olympics betting sites, for example – as well the most popular sports including football, basketball, tennis, and more, YetiBet’s cash out function also supports partial cash outs, allowing even more fine-grained control over your betting.

We found the cash out feature was quick, and there was little delay from when you decided cash out, to when the bet was settled. There’s not more you can ask for in our opinion.

7. Betiton Cash Out

Partial Cash Out Available
Great Football Odds for Cash Out
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Betiton,a relatively new player in the UK online betting market, has quickly gained recognition for its wide range of sports betting options. It offers competitive odds, particularly in football and horse racing, and features a user-friendly platform with both live betting and cash out options, appealing to both novice and seasoned bettors.

The cash out function is basic, but does the job you need it to do. We settled our bets quickly, and you’d have no problem doing the same.

8. MrMega Cash Out

Excellent Welcome Bonus Package on Offer
Excellent, Responsive Customer Support
▶️ Visit Site!

MrMega is one of the newer names in the sports betting sector but has already established itself as a major player in the market. Cash out is of course available for a wide range of sports, although unfortunately partial cash out is not yet offered.

You will find that their desktop site is easy to use, and cash out functions as you’d expect. There are some things we’d like to see offered, such as the partial cash out, but it is not a deal breaker.

9. Spreadex Cash Out

Partial Cash Out
Betting Exchange Available
▶️ Visit Site!

Spreadex is known for their one-click and partial cash out features that allows users to secure profits or limit losses easily. They offer a wide selection of markets, including UK favourites such as horse and greyhound racing.

We found that the partial cash out is extremely useful when you want to secure some winnings, whilst still seeing if your original bet could come to fruition. It’s a nice comprise and gives you some leeway in your bets.

10. bet365 Cash Out

Partial Cash Outs Offered
Extensive Coverage of Most Sports
▶️ Visit Site!

One of the most legendary names in sports betting nationwide, bet365‘s cash out function is part of their massive, feature rich betting platform. You can expect this to be one of the best football cash out sites around.

Their app is easy to use and you’ll have no trouble using it. It seems bet365 has been desgined for cash out and they are on of the leaders in the industry. If you are new to betting, we’d recommend starting here.

Types of Cash Out

Cash out functionality on sports betting websites allows bettors to settle their bets before the conclusion of the event. There are several types of cash out options available, each offering different levels of control and strategy:

Full Cash Out

This is the most common type available to sports fans. It allows you to completely settle your bet before the event ends. If your bet is winning, you can lock in a profit. If it’s losing, you can recover a part of your stake. This option is useful in securing profits or minimizing losses.

Partial Cash Out

Partial cash out lets you cash out a portion of your bet while leaving the rest active. For example, if you bet £100, you could cash out £50 and leave the other £50 active. This option provides a balance between securing some profit (or minimizing loss) and keeping a stake in the game for potential winnings.

Auto Cash Out

Some of the best betting sites for cash out allow you to set a threshold at which your bet will automatically cash out. For instance, you can set your bet to auto cash out when the potential win reaches a certain amount. This is useful if you can’t constantly monitor the event but have a specific target in mind.

How is it Cash Out Calculated?

Cash out calculations are influenced by several factors, primarily the original odds of your bet and the current odds at the time of cashing out. Essentially, it is a recalculated bet that considers the current likelihood of the original bet winning. The formula used can be quite complex and differ from bookmaker to bookmaker.

When Should You Use Cash Out?

The best time to cash out in sports betting is when you believe the potential gain from cashing out outweighs the risk of letting the bet run. This decision often comes when you’re ahead, but uncertain of the final outcome, or to mitigate losses if the bet’s prospects have significantly worsened.

Bear in mind that, depending on your chosen operator, there’s usually a cut-off point during the event beyond which you can no longer cash out. For example, in the 88th minute of a football match, it would be too late to action a cash out, and you would have to see out the rest of the game.

How to Cash Out?

  1. Pick from one of the excellent bookmakers on our page.
  2. Sign up for an account if you aren’t an already existing customer.
  3. Pick your favourite sporting event and market.
  4. Evaluate the cash out offers available for your event.
  5. Start following the event live.
  6. Assess whether the current cash out offer aligns with your betting strategy.
  7. Action your cash out on your bookmaker’s platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cash Out

Like anything else to do with online sports betting, cash out offers various pros and cons. Weighing these up is crucial when deciding whether to use the cash out feature in sports betting. It ultimately depends on individual risk tolerance and the specific circumstances of each bet.

  • Manage your risk in real time during the course of an event.
  • Realise your profits even when overall bet is lost.
  • Use your expertise in a sport to react to unpredictable developments.
  • Difficult decision making process – typically some experience is needed.
  • Reduced profits compared to a complete bet.
  • Availability and suitability can vary from sport to sport.

Which Sports Can You Use Cash Out On?

Cash out is available across a wide range of sports, although its availability can vary . depending on the bookmaker. The suitability of each sport to cash out can depend on the length of its events as well as the general unpredictability of each sport.

Football, for example, fits well with cash out due to its match length and is probably the most popular cash out betting sportfor that reason. On the other hand, horse races tend to be over too soon, with not enough unpredictability to make cashing out worth doing, as the prices change too quick.

Cash Out in Football Betting

As mentioned above, football is an ideal fit for cash out betting due to its match length and its famous unpredictability and drama. Canny bettors can respond to these changes and either lock in profits or minimise losses based on their reading of the game and their risk appetite. Check out our UEFA Euro 2024 betting guide for some exciting options.

Cash Out Betting Tips

Cash out is a useful feature and massively popular with online sports fans. But it’s not a guaranteed way to make profit. It should be used as part of a larger, well-thought-out betting strategy. That being said, here are some of our tips to make the most of this feature:


To wrap up our article, cash out facilities offer you an added layer of control and strategy in your online UK sports betting. It’s a fantastic tool for managing risk, and lets you release profits or minimise losses by reacting to events in real time. For experienced bettors, your knowledge of the sport can translate into more potential winnings.

Cash Out Betting FAQ

We hope this guide to cash out betting has been helpful. We’ve prepared a short FAQ for you below to refer to if you need a refresher on any of the main points outlined above.

1️⃣ What are the best cash out betting sites?

The best cash out betting sites in the UK based on our tests are:
  1. 10bet - best cash out betting site
  2. Betfred – extensive range of betting markets
  3. BetVictor – generous welcome bonus offer
  4. The Pools – useful range of payment methods
  5. BetTarget – great cash out betting for football.

2️⃣️ Do all online bookmakers offer cash out?

Not all online bookmakers offer the cash out feature. While it's increasingly common among major sports betting platforms, its availability varies depending on the bookmaker and the specific event or market. Smaller or more specialized bookmakers might not provide cash out options, or may offer them only on select events.

3️⃣ What is a partial cash out?

Partial cash out is a feature in sports betting that allows bettors to settle a portion of their bet while leaving the rest active. This option provides flexibility, enabling users to secure a part of their winnings or minimize potential losses, while still maintaining an interest in the bet's outcome. This is a popular option available on the best cash out betting sites.

4️⃣ What does cash out mean in betting?

In betting, "cash out" refers to a feature that allows you to settle your wager before the event they have bet on concludes. This option will enable you to lock in a profit or cut a loss before the final outcome. The cash out amount offered depends on the current likelihood of the bet winning and can change as the event progresses.