Best Bet Builder Sites in the UK in 2024

Find the best bet builder sites in the UK in 2024. Our betting experts have reviewed the best sites with bet builders to help you build the perfect bet on your favourite sporting events.

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Florian Güde editorLast updated: 30.05.2024
Best Bet Builder Sites in the UK 2024
Betting Site Bonus Bet Builder Sports Max Selections Highlight Secure Link
100% up to £111 Casino Bonus 4 6 Best Bet Builder Offers
Bet £10 get £30 in Free Bets 13 12 Most Bet Builder Markets
Bet £15 get £10 in Free Bets 4 15 Bet Builders Starting from £0.10
100% up to £50 Welcome Bonus 3 10 Multi-Match Bet Builders
Bet 15 get £10 in Free Bets 4 20 20 Bet Builder Selections
Bet £15 get £10 in Free Bets 7 30 Statistics and Insights
Bet £5 get £30 Bonuses 2 10 Unique Bet Builders
100% Odds Boost 3 20 Live Bet Builders
10% Cashback 4 6 Extensive Coverage

What is a Bet Builder?

So, what is a bet builder? Some sports betting platforms have a feature called “bet builder” that lets users make their own bets by combining several choices from a single game into one bet.

Example one: 2-leg Bet Builder:

Example two: 4-leg Bet Builder:

Bet builders have surged in popularity over the past few years, especially during high-profile football and tennis games, including betting on Euro 2024. Customised betting allows punters to select various outcomes within a single event.

Bet Builder Pros and Cons?

Bet builders provide flexibility, allowing customisation of bets for specific in-game outcomes that offer enhanced engagement. However, complexities may lead to errors, and some platforms impose restrictions. A single in a game can be extremely disappointing, especially after selecting multiple winning selections in the bet builder.

  • Flexibility
  • High Engagement
  • High Odds
  • Lower Odds Compared to Singles
  • Difficult to Win

Best Bet Builder Sites Compared

Here’s a comparison of the best bet builder sites, highlighting their features and benefits for a personalised betting experience. See below for detailed insights into our top 10 best bet builder platforms.

YetiBet Bet Builder

4 bet builder markets that include football and tennis. ▶️ Visit Site!

YetiBet offers a user-friendly bet builder function, allowing punters to customise their bets on single markets. Their bet builder caters for popular UK sports such as football and tennis, or NFL and NHL for those that like a punt on US-based sports.

Screenshot of YetiBet Bet Builder Page

bet365 Bet Builder

Up to 13 bet builder sporting markets. ▶️ Visit Site!

Bet365 stands out as one of the most diverse bet builder sites, providing an extensive selection of 13 sports for users to customise their bets. From popular choices like football, there is something for every sports enthusiast to enjoy.

Screenshot of bet365 Bet Builder Page

MrMega Bet Builder

4 bet builder markets that include UK football. ▶️ Visit Site!

The bet builder feature at MrMega caters to popular UK football leagues and three major US sports: NFL, NHL, and NBA. With the ability to include up to 15 legs in any single bet builder, the bet offers huge payouts should you be lucky enough to strike gold.

Screenshot of MrMega Bet Builder Page

10bet Bet Builder

Bet builders on selected UK football, the NFL, and NBA markets. ▶️ Visit Site!

10bet offers bet builders for football, the NFL, and the NBA, allowing users to place wagers on multiple markets from a single game. While not covering a wide range of sports, their user-friendly bet builder platform ensures a seamless betting experience, catering to both novice and experienced punters.

Screenshot of 10bet Bet Builder Page

Betiton Bet Builder

Bet builders up to 4 different sports, including football, basketball, and ice hockey ▶️ Visit Site!

Betiton offers a versatile bet builder feature across up to four sporting events that include football, basketball, and ice hockey. Additionally, Betiton allows up to 20 selections per event, providing ample opportunities for bet customisation and potentially lucrative payouts.

Screenshot of Betiton Bet Builder Page

BetTarget Bet Builder

7 diverse markets to create your bet builders! ▶️ Visit Site!

BetTarget’s bet builder feature, allows users to create customised bets across a wide array of sports, including football, tennis, Australian rules football, and more. Up to 30 different legs can be combined and each event can be accumulated with more bet builders.

Screenshot of BetTarget Bet Builder Page

BetVictor Bet Builder

Place your bet builders on selected football matches and six-nations rugby. ▶️ Visit Site!

BetVictor’s bet builder features just two sports. These include selected football matches and six-nation rugby events. You can add up to 10 different legs per event, including accumulating and combine more than one bet builder for accumulator bets

Screenshot of BetVictor Bet Builder Page

Grosvenor Bet Builder

Up to 3 sports markets to place your bet builders which include tennis, football, and hockey. ▶️ Visit Site!

Grosvenor’s bet builder offers customisation for various sports events that include tennis, football, and hockey. To withdraw any winnings from your bet builders, simply log in to your Grosvenor account, navigate to the banking section, select “withdrawal,” choose your preferred withdrawal method, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction.

Screenshot of Grosvenor Bet Builder Page

All British Sports Bet Builder

Play up to 6 selections on your bet builder on 4 sports markets. ▶️ Visit Site!

All British Sports provides a user-friendly bet builder, covering up to four sports markets and six selections per event. These include football, tennis, and boxing. Withdraw any winnings by selecting the same deposit method as your latest deposit to avoid any issues.

Screenshot of All British Sports Bet Builder Page

What Sports Can You Use a Bet Builder On?

The availability of bet builders depends on the bookie, with football being the most popular option, especially in the UK. Other sports commonly included in bet builders are tennis, basketball, rugby, cricket, American football

Bet Builder Tips

When utilising bet builders, it’s essential to be mindful of certain aspects. Ensure selections are compatible and watch out for potential limitations, such as maximum bet limits or restricted markets. Another good tip is to be on the lookout for a variety of excellent bonuses that bookmakers often provide. Such incentives can include free bets and deposit matches to help you get started.

Make Sure Your Bet Makes Sense

Ensure coherence in your bets. Avoid contradictory selections like predicting one team’s 2-0 victory while betting on a player from the opposing team to score the opening goal. Consistency in your bet choices enhances the likelihood of success, especially in the long term.

Too Many Selections is Tempting

Resist the temptation of excessive selections. Realistically, more choices increase the risk of failure. Avoid chasing enticing odds by focusing on quality over quantity in your selections. Opting for fewer but well-researched options improves your chances of success and ensures a more prudent betting approach.

Do Your Research

Focus on comprehensive research. Dive deep into the specifics of your selected markets, such as how often a team accumulates booking points. This knowledge enhances you improves the accuracy of your bet selections, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Difference Between Bet Builder and Request a Bet

Originating from social media, “Request a Bet” allows users to propose custom bets to bookmakers. In contrast, “Bet Builder” is a feature offered by select operators, enabling users to construct bets from predefined options within a single event, providing more structured customisation compared to the open-ended nature of “Request a Bet.”

How to Request a Bet

Have you ever had a lightbulb moment? Or maybe a vivid dream of something occurring at a sporting event? A “request a bet” can put your inspiration into odds. Request a bet is not a very popular feature, most online bookies in the UK have most standard markets covered. Here’s the steps, should you want to request a bet:

  1. Engage on X (Twitter): Directly tweet your bet request to the operator.
  2. Use the Website’s Dedicated Tool: Employ the operator’s specialised tool.
  3. Visit a Local Betting Shop: Head over in person and make your request.


In conclusion, bet builders are high-risk, high-reward combination bets, allowing punters to select multiple outcomes within a sporting event. Bookmakers provide customised odds on these combined selections, intensifying the excitement, especially when watching the games Live.

Bet Builders FAQs

Welcome to the Bet Builders FAQs section, where we address common queries about this popular betting feature. See below to find answers to your most common bet builder questions.

1️⃣ What betting sites are good for bet builders?

The top bet builder sites in the UK based on our tests are:
  1. YetiBet – US bet builders available
  2. bet365 – Most bet builder markets
  3. MrMega - Bet builders starting from £0.10
  4. 10Bet – Live play bet builders available
  5. Betiton - Up to 20 bet builder selections

2️⃣️ What sports are good for bet builders?

Bet builders are versatile, but sports with numerous markets are ideal. Football stands out due to its wide range of options, including match result, goal scorers, and corners. Similarly, basketball, tennis, rugby, and American football offer ample opportunities for customised bets.

3️⃣ How does a bet builder work?

A bet builder allows users to create custom bets by combining multiple selections within a single event. Punters select various outcomes in a single sporting event, and the bookie calculates the odds based on these outcomes occurring during the sporting fixture.