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Dear sports fans,
My name is Florian and I was born in 1975 in the beautiful German city of Heidelberg. Although my hometown has the oldest and possibly most beautiful university in the country, it was clear to me early on that I wanted something else. So, around the turn of the millennium, I upped sticks and headed to Berlin – leaving my beloved Waldhof Mannheim behind.

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I met my second love soon after arriving in the capital: Union Berlin. Back then, there was no way you could have accused me of being a glory hunter. I can safely say I celebrated more wins with betting slips than I did with three points at the Alte Försterei. After graduation, I went to London for an internship at the bookmaker Gamebookers. I seemed to have made the right impression, because the temporary position turned into a full-time role. I ended up spending five years there.

Anyone can support Arsenal, Chelsea, or Spurs – it takes real courage to follow West Ham

There I was: a young man in London – there must be more to life than football and sports betting all day, every day? I asked myself. I decided to dive into something I couldn’t find at home. Something quintessentially English. A combination of tea, green fields, and quirky customs. So, I became a German who fell in love with cricket.

It wasn’t an easy relationship at first. It took me a good two years to get to grips with the rules. In 2011 I moved back to Berlin, switching to mybet – sports betting and me: we go everywhere together! My friends always ask me: Florian, how can someone be so obsessed with sport? And I always answer: If you think you’re not interested in something, put a bet on it – you’ll quickly see how interested you are!

Now, after many years working with the bookies, I have decided to pass on my knowledge. To date, I have tested and rated over 105 bookmakers. My team and I are delighted to be able to bring to you the best UK online bookmakers and the top odds on the market. If you want to know more about cult clubs like Waldhof Mannheim FC, Union Berlin, or West Ham; the latest odds on the Ashes or other cricket betting markets; or simply which online bookies have the best odds – you’re in the right place.