Lauf- und Wanderschuhe für Outdoor

OutDoor by ISPO Segments

Core OutDoor, OutDoor+ and Cross-Industry

To grow and evolve outdoor we created a new and open tradeshow concept. We will invite new segments and industries to encourage mutual inspiration, collaboration and synergies. 

  • OutDoor by ISPO 2019
    Climber at rock
    Outdoor is and will remain a way of life: walking, climbing, camping and mountaineering – the activities one can enjoy outdoors are extremely varied. Furthermore, outdoor allows participants to skillfully combine nature and sport, thereby creating unique and intense experiences. There are no limits to the outdoor movement and its requisite products.
  • OutDoor by ISPO 2019
    Mountainbike Tour
    SUP boards, kayaks and mountain bikes – the outdoor sector has been enriched with lots of different equipment over the years and has long since expanded beyond just mountaineering and climbing. New e-mountain bikes, lighter equipment, more environmentally friendly products and modern electronics are just some of the topics the outdoor sector is engaged in and using to evolve and reinvent itself.
  • OutDoor by ISPO 2019
    Digital Solution for Outdoor
    Outdoor and new technologies are merging ever further. Whether it’s smart textiles, wearables, logistics, automation or environmental technologies – in the X-Industry/Cross-Industry Zone, the outdoor movement comes together with other sectors to create innovations and new collaborations. The maxim here is ‘think outside the box’.