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About OutDoor Society

  • July 29, 2019
Credits cover image: Messe München GmbH

Outdoor is more. Experiences that unite us. Experiences that stay in our memory. OutDoor Society is for all who find a part of their happiness outside, whether by foot or via ferrata. But OutDoor Society is also for those who haven't had their own personal outdoor moment yet. That's why we launched OutDoor Society in time for OutDoor by ISPO 2019.

In addition, OutDoor Society tells stories about ordinary people and their outdoor moments. It tells stories about travelling, gives tips, offers space for points of view and discussions, shows new products and, of course, it also tells the big stories about the professional climbers, kayakers, slackliners and surfers or mountain guides of this world.

We, the editors of Outdoor Society, are journalists / editors / photographers / filmmakers who have lost their hearts not only to good stories, but also to perfect and wonderfully imperfect outdoor moments. But our authors also include people whose special outdoor stories we want to share with you.

We are happy if you share our contributions. We also welcome suggestions, criticism, and dialogue with you via e-mail or social with Hashtag #outdoorbyispo or via our Instagram and Facebook Accounts.

And then: Go out and experience your own stories.

The magazine OutDoor Society is part of the platform.