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 Thomas Helms (DEN)


Thomas Helms (DEN)

. Thomas Helms, Vaavud ApS (Quelle: ISPO BRANDNEW)
Thomas Helms, Vaavud ApS
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"It's like getting an extra Christmas Eve."

“I love new gear as much as I love innovation and entrepreneurship, so being an ISPO BRANDNEW Judge is like getting an extra Christmas Eve.“


Thomas Helms started his career as a consultant at McKinsey and moved on to a corporate VP job before leaving all that behind and embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. Thomas did a couple of small projects on his own before becoming a CFO at Endomondo. In 2013 he co-founded Vaavud, which he has been the CEO of since then. Vaavud was awarded as an ISPO BRANDNEW Finalist in 2015 and has won a RedDot Design award. Thomas is a passionate kitesurfer, surfer, wake boarder, mountain biker, road cyclist and runner.


Vaavud ApS
Thomas Helms
Co-founder & CEO
Njalsgade 19D, 1 fl
2300 Copenhagen S

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