Colors Fall/Winter 2022/23

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This season’s core palette moves forward, maintaining classic bestselling ones, tweaked with some color replacement in refreshing the look.


The mood of this main palette is dense and solid, indicating a sense of stability without neglecting the colors that can have an uplifting approach to consumers.

Colors Fall/Winter 2022/23 - CORE
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ISPO Textrends


Incredibly soft in tone, the delicacy of the palette is in direct contradiction to the chaos and disruption we have all faced.

Colors Fall/Winter 2022/23 - VEILED
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ISPO Textrends


With digitalization, AI, and IA continuing to be an integral part of our future, this palette is inspired by the past, but in a surreal and pastime way.

Colors Fall/Winter 2022/23 - PRIMITIVE
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ISPO Textrends


Worked bold or grungy, there is a challenging and rebellious spirit infiltrating this trend.

Colors Fall/Winter 2022/23 - EPIC
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ISPO Textrends


The ISPO Textrends color palettes always have natural inspiration, and for JOLT we opted to move from inspiration on terra firma and look to the sky.

Colors Fall/Winter 2022/23 - JOLT
Image credit:
ISPO Textrends

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