ISPO Award 2016/2017: These are the Products of the Year

ISPO Award 2016/2017 is the most successful it has ever been – sports equipment manufacturers submitted a total of 535 products. This was an increase of at least 21 percent on the previous year. Above all, the number of applications shows that ISPO Award has become increasingly important and is seen within the sports business as a prestigious mark of quality. 


Two weeks before ISPO (runs from 24–27 January) saw the meeting of an international jury, which was made up of absolute experts. In total there were 45 members of the jury, who came from ten countries across three continents. After two long days, they named the five Products of the Year, the Asian Product of the Year, as well as the 67 Gold Winners and the 119 Winners. The jury also awarded two products with the ECO Achievement – Apparel rating and one brand with the ECO Achievement Brand award, in recognition of concepts and innovations that are particularly eco-friendly.



The Product of the Year award was given to the top product from each of the following areas: Action, Outdoor clothing, Ski, Performance, and Health & Fitness. There was also an award in the Asian Products division. The jury’s meeting also confirmed that the topics of sustainability and digital technology have permeated the whole of the sports sector. All of the prizewinners can be found in exhibition hall B1 at ISPO.

ISPO Award 2016/2017 prize-giving ceremony will take place at ISPO and will be spread out over three days. From 11 am on Sunday 24 January 2016, the very first day, awards will be presented to products from the Action segment and from the Asian Products division. The winners from the Ski segment will also receive their prizes from 3 pm. This will be followed the next day (25 January 2016) by awarding the prizes for the Outdoor clothing (from 11 am), Performance and Health & Fitness segments (from 3 pm). All of the prize presentations will take place on ISPO Brandnew stage in exhibition hall B5.

The winners from the third division, Communication, who will have already been announced earlier, will have another opportunity to celebrate their successes on ISPO Academy stage from 3:30 pm on Tuesday 26 January.

The winners of ISPO Award 2016/2017 Products of the Year are announced separately on before the prize-giving ceremony:

Products of the Year 2016/2017


Action: Arrows Inflatable Technology – iRIG


PRODUCT OF THE YEAR ACTION: Arrows Inflatable Technology – iRIG
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR ACTION: Arrows Inflatable Technology – iRIG

An innovative combination of rig, mast and sail was born out of a partnership between market leaders North Kiteboarding and NorthSails. Because it is unbelievably lightweight like an inflatable kite and has the shape and safety of a windsurfing sail, it brings together the best of both worlds. The iRIG is unique and, when added to any stand up paddle board, it makes it possible to enter the fascinating world of windsurfing. The iRIG is also great for children.

Ski: Ortovox — AVABAG




Weighing just 640 g and with a volume of 1.8 liters, AVABAG is currently the lightest airbag system around. This is made possible by the seamless airbag welding technology and by the reduced, sealed Venturi unit that is protected from dirt, ice, and corrosion. Because it is reduced, it has fewer components and is more reliable and lightweight. The system is detachable and has an optimized release grip. It is also possible to practice activating the airbag (without the cartridge being installed) as many times as needed.


Performance: TomTom — Runner 2 Cardio+Music


PRODUCT OF THE YEAR PERFORMANCE: TomTom — Runner 2 Cardio + Music
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR PERFORMANCE: TomTom — Runner 2 Cardio + Music


The Runner 2 Cardio+Music is a GPS watch with an integrated music player. The screen allows you to see the heart rate, which is measured at the wrist. There is no need for a chest strap. With 24/7 tracking, the training doesn’t stop at the end of a workout because the product continues to measure the number of steps, distance, active minutes, and calories burned.


Health & Fitness: Matrix — In-Trinity


HEALTH & FITNESS: Matrix — In-Trinity


The In-Trinity board looks like a diagonal bench that has sticks and straps as accessories. But there is true ingenuity behind the simple-looking appearance. The raised platform makes it possible to do exercises in the smallest of spaces. This increases the radius of existing exercises and makes new ones possible. The innovative training system makes use gravity and the body’s biomechanics to intensify exercises and increase muscle development, balance, and flexibility.


Outdoor Clothing: Vertical — X-OS Treklight 38L+10L


PRODUCT OF THE YEAR OUTDOOR: Vertical — X-OS Treklight 38L+10L
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR OUTDOOR: Vertical — X-OS Treklight 38L+10L

The X-OS Treklight 38L+10L by Vertical is a state-of-the-art mountain climbing rucksack featuring the brand new removable EXOS System®. The new carrying system has a revolutionary new concept consisting of an aluminum and carbon internal frame that transfers the load from the shoulders to the hips. This takes the weight off the shoulders and provides unrivalled comfort.

Asian: Kailas — ‘EDGE’ Climbing Backpack 35L


PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in the segment ASIAN PRODUCTS: Kailas — “EDGE” Climbing Backpack 35L
Product of the Year in the segment Asian Products: Kailas — “EDGE” Climbing Backpack 35L

Kailas has developed this lightweight 35 liter rucksack for extreme climbers. The SAS carrying system makes it possible to vary the weight. Without the hip strap, aluminum plate and top bag, the ‘Edge’ weighs only 700 grams. This innovative rucksack is also the perfect companion for hiking tours.

Eco Achievement – Brand 


Logo Jack Wolfskin
Logo Jack Wolfskin

The special ECO jury awarded Jack Wolfskin with ISPO Award Eco Achievement – Brand for the comprehensive measures it takes to establish sustainability in its company philosophy and production chain. This award recognizes the company’s consistent involvement when it comes to both environmental and social concerns as well as its contribution to developing best practices in the outdoor clothing sector. The company’s performance here is exemplary. 


Eco Achievement – Apparel


Patagonia – M'S R3 Yulex Front-Zip Full Suit
Patagonia – M'S R3 Yulex Front-Zip Full Suit


The award for ISPO Award Eco Achievement – Apparel was given to Patagonia for the first neoprene-free wetsuit, the ‘M'S R3 Yulex Front-Zip Full Suit’. It is made of a robust and elastic organic rubber called Yulex™. Yulex is a plant-based material, which reduces the dependency on oil and cuts the CO2 emissions of the manufacturing process by at least 70%. For eight years, this company have played a leading role in processing natural rubber for wetsuits. For surfers and manufacturers alike, using plants instead of oil is definitely the better way to ride.


Eco Achievement – Apparel



The ‘Regenerate Me’ multi-sport sock by TEKO was also awarded a prize. TEKO clubbed together with Econyl
to produce the world’s first and only sports socks made from innovative, recycled polyamide yarn. The polyamide is sourced from commercial fishing nets, which are collected from all over the world and processed here in Europe. The yarn is processed, dyed and woven into socks – and it all takes place within a radius of 300 km. TEKO will also be asking customers to return their socks to be recycled again once they have ceased to be of use.

Here are all segments of ISPO Award 2016/2017:

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