Textile Trends Spring/Summer 2023

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ISPO is your gateway for future trends. In cooperation with trend expert Louisa Smith ISPO studied various global trends with influence on the textile industry and its products. ISPO is very pleased to have the opportunity to share these visions for Spring/Summer 2023 with the textile industry.


The ‘eco-lution’ of new natural ingredients and processes in the performance textile sector continues to develop. From nuts to food waste, corn and sugar beet for bio synthetics, natural insulation and recycled lightweight down, there is no limit to the developments emerging.

Textile Trends Spring/Summer 2023 - CHRYSALIS
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ISPO Textrends


The focus for this direction is Fact VS. Fantasy with a big dollop of function, as escapism, no just in the physical form as we pursue the outdoors, but through fabric and trims combined with color. 

Textile Trends Spring/Summer 2023 - REVERIE
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ISPO Textrends


Back to basics, there is always a demand for stability and familiarity in high-performance fabrics and trims. This is, almost to the point of being a little bit nerdy in delivery, as classics are reworked into a new generation of lightweight functionality. 

Textile Trends Spring/Summer 2023 - IMPARTIAL
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ISPO Textrends


There are no boundaries to this trend, as it pushes the limits in achieving the ultimate in a multifaceted way.

Textile Trends Spring/Summer 2023 - DECIPER
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ISPO Textrends


A deceptive combination of future tech and tradition as we look to a higher level of modern ingredients in terms of form, applying them to traditional sports apparel design for a revolutionary look.

Textile Trends Spring/Summer 2023 - TRANSMUTE
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ISPO Textrends

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